[ALBUM REVIEW] Zombies Ate My Girlfriend “Shun The Reptile”

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ARTIST: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend
ALBUM NAME: ‘Shun The Reptile
RELEASE DATE: Novemeber 2018
COUNTRY: South Africa
GENRE: Metal
Gavin Marchbank – Vocals
Adriano Rodrigues – Guitar
Chris Hall – Guitar
Marc Olwage – Bass
Ferdi Groenewald – Drums



Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are a 5-piece crossover-core phenomenon who released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Retrocide’ in 2015.


The band took their relentlessly heavy offering to the Wacken International Metal Battle in 2016, being not only the first band in South Africa, but on the continent to secure the crown for our Motherland.

Fast forward to 2018, having additionally secured numerous local awards and accolades under their belt, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are ready present their follow up to their debut Retrocide, titled ‘Shun the Reptile’.


‘Shun the Reptile’ dropped on the 2nd of October, and is a 40-minute gruelling journey of Zom’s signature earth quaking musical assault, only this time, the gents in Zombie’s Ate My Girlfriend present their sophomore album with a maturity and progression that showcases an experimental side of the band, who have never been afraid to cross boundaries when it come to their unique and unrelenting sound.


Standout tracks include the signature sounding ‘Nothing Can Save You Now’, which presents the Zom at their best with Marchbank and his intense black metal-influenced wails, contrasting with his death-metal-worthy gutturals, at the helm of the attack, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend once again prove to be at the top of their game.


‘Autoriot’ reveals itself as a standard Zom track, however, ever-so-slightly breaking from their usual onslaught Hall adds a further layer to the outfits’ sound, with haunting clean vocals that has The Metalist bubbling with excitement as the track builds upon progressive riffs, almost sadistically hammering away at the skins, the Zom manage to maintain their heaviness.


Title track ‘Shun the Reptile’ starts with an eerie and menacing hair-raising intro unheard of in their previous works, demanding to display a more progressive presence on this release,  Marchbank, Rodrigues, Hall, Olwage, and Groenewald incorporate melody and technical proficiency in their guitar shredding and picking, daemon-like vocal prowess, drum-handling and lyrical mastery that eagerly presents itself throughout ‘Shun the Reptile’, creating a melding-pot of talent in the record that is both fresh and classic to the local South African, and global scene. Well done gents! 




You can find Zombie’s Ate My Girlfriend Sophomore album ‘Shun the Reptile’ up on all major streaming platforms, as well as pick up a hard-copy of the album at any of their upcoming album release shows.



03 November – Shun the Reptile – Album Launch (Sundowners, Alberton)

09 November – Shun the Reptile – Album Launch (Mercury Live, Cape Town)


See you in the pit!

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  1. metalicNoob

    This is so insightful! I do like the description of the band and their music.
    After listening to this album they got a new fan.
    I want to get a hold of their other albums too 😀