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The Metal Duchess chatted to Burlesque mistress Samantha Stefanou about the upcoming Rumour Has It show. It’s all about the art of the tease… 

How did your Burlesque journey begin and why?

I have been dancing my entire life and so have the girls in the Rumour Has It group and all have a keen interest in Burlesque. We felt that there was a lack of variety of entertainment on the music circuit so this was born to try and combine the two disciplines together. It’s about giving an audience that wouldn’t necessarily go to a theatre to watch dance, a chance to see it live in their familiar setting.

Tell me more about the Burlesque community in South Africa and how we can preserve its artistry?

It is quite healthy within its own market and the artistry of it is well respected by those who are ‘in the know’. By exposing it to more and different audiences is one way to get it out there as well as educating the public on the artistry behind it.

What is the one myth that you would like to dispel about Burlesque?

That it’s not a strip show. The minute someone goes on stage in something that is somewhat revealing, it is perceived as a strip show, and this style of dance is anything but that.

What are your thoughts on the above in regards to Burlesque?

We feel the artistry of the discipline must be preserved, but we also need to adapt to the times and the wants of audiences, hence why our show is labelled ‘burlesque with a twist’.

Who are your personal inspirations in the burlesque/vintage world and why?

Christina Aguilera is a major inspiration as she is a multitalented artist who has done burlesque and pulls it off. Dita Von Teese is obviously a major influence as well. Everything about them is graceful and risqué at the same time.

I find burlesque a great way to empower and liberate women in a way that society does not cater for. What advice can you give to someone fresh on the path of wanting to learn Burlesque but has no experience?

Be confident with who you are and don’t worry about what people think. The most confident ladies out there are the most successful. It doesn’t matter how you look, if it makes you feel good then go for it.

Let’s talk about the show, Rumour Has It – what and who can we expect?

Rumour Has It is six dancers who are all professionally trained in their respective dance disciplines who have come together to put on a show that we hope opens up people’s eyes to the art of burlesque and dancing. Even though the show is labelled burlesque, it will be combined with other dance elements such as jazz, contemporary and more. We also have a live vocalist who will be singing songs by  Marilyn Manson, Adam Lambert and more. We also have a magician named Charliequin, just to add some shazaam to the night. We will also be using props on stage and there will be loads of craft cocktails on the night.

Burlesque and metal are very niche and draw a small crowd respectively. How big a turn out are you hoping to have on the night and are there any prizes etc?

We are hoping for a substantial turnout and we understand that Rumours Rock City is not a traditional venue for an act like this hence why we are turning the ‘glass room’ into our performance area for the night. We are  going all out in terms of costumes changes, special effects, lighting and music. We want to offer an alternative form of entertainment that can resonate with the audience and something that both men and women can enjoy.  The show will be loads of fun and have a touch of class with a sprinkling of risqué. We will have some prizes on the night for those who attend and can’t wait to see everyone there.

Would you like to add any last words?

We really appreciate this opportunity for the interview and the chance to promote the show on your platform. We have been overwhelmed with a great response at Rumours and we are having to replace posters every week as they keep getting stolen, which is fine by us (haha). Those looking for something different on 20 March to do, come to Rumours Rock City. The next day is also a public holiday so even more reason to come and party with us!



Date: Tuesday 20 March 2018 (Next day is a public holiday!)

Venue: Rumours Rock City (Cnr Weltevreden Road and Valley Lane, Cresta, Johannesburg)

Entrance: R80-00

Time: 8:00 PM

Visit the event page on Facebook or the Rumour Has It page on Facebook 


Interviewed by: Metal Duchess (More from Lav)

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Date: 9 March 2018


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