Port Elizabeth based, Mezzanine Floor are smooth and expressive plus they aren’t afraid to dish the dirt… See what they had to say ahead of their performance at Emalyth Art Expo: Nine Lives.

As you are playing the Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives let me ask; what is ‘art’ to you? What does it mean and why do we need it?

As the band and as musicians it is absolutely everything to us, an outlet, and an expression of our deepest, darkest thoughts, emotions, joy and turmoil. It is subjective and multifaceted, from a musical piece that is reflective of a mood at the time to piecing multiple sections to create a complimentary organic composition and putting pen to paper and opening up your heart for the world to see. To create something from nothing, it is the perfect integration of mind, body and soul. We are moved on a spiritual level on a daily basis by the literary, audio and visual stimuli around us and we strive to move those around us with a pure and honest expression of our craft/ creations. It is crucial to it all.


What is the most difficult part about being a band hailing from the somewhat sleepy suburbs of PE?

Honestly I don’t think there is anything difficult about it at all. We are limited with our choices of local venues but those venues have been so good to us over the years, aided us, nurtured us and provided us with the platform to launch, grow and develop our art. Our location has been crucial to our development as a band, both musically and personally, its home. Our creative space and environment is and has been completely conducive to our growth. We have been a part of the local scene from the early days as fans and we continue to be now as musicians and fans. We owe everything to these wonderful human beings for all the love and support over the years, as we also owe so much to the incredible people and fans from the other regions for the amazing opportunities and their love and support. The scenes are all one and the same and we have so much love for them all. We might have to travel a lot…but that’s the best part.


In terms of touring locally and abroad; are Mezzanine Floor aiming to play in new venues and new audiences in 2017?

After the release of our second album Architecture of Aeons in September last year we followed it with a mini launch tour to Cape Town (which was incredible) with the plan to continue with a number of mini tours across the rest of the country over the course of this year. So for now that’s definitely the plan.


What can we expect at the Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives show from the band?

We are currently well into our preparations and rehearsals for the show, we’ve got a trademark trippy yet aggressive Mezz set lined up and we are beyond excited to perform. It’s an absolute emotional journey up on the stage and we can’t wait to share in and take that journey with all these wonderful people. Outside of the performance expect loads of laughs and debauchery…can’t take us PE folk anywhere!


Lastly, what new releases/singles can we expect from Mezzanine Floor?11935113_1111076372243599_1358628369905148083_n

We are currently in discussions and the planning stages of our first official music video and also with Architecture of Aeons being the first chapter in the trilogy we are very eager to get working on the next chapter as soon as possible, in fact the planning has already begun, the rest of the story just has to be told. So possibly a single or two later in the year.


City OR Coastland?


Mastodon OR Opeth?

Mastodon… (Also dependant on if we’re talking old or new Opeth? Because definitely old Opeth)


Who has the best beard?

Me (Dylan)

Who is the most gullible?11219309_1111074655577104_3773735081443329476_n

It’s a tie between Dixen and Kyle

Who is the laziest person?

Hugo Kleinhans, he was our keyboard player in the 2014 Wacken Battle and he hasn’t been to a single practice since, now that’s just lazy.

Other than him possibly Tyran, not musically though, we’re all highly motivated and work pretty hard in that regard.

Who takes the most amount of time to set up their gear?


Who is most likely to forget their music notes/lyrics?


Tell us about one embarrassing moment in the band’s career so far?

During an absolutely epic gig at an old local venue Detroit in 2012 with Fokofpoliesikar,

we were in the middle of what was an absolutely flawless set, we were all completely lost in the vibe of the crowd, sound, venue, performance and emotions were high on stage, higher for some than others as we soon discovered when Kyle stood up at his kit and threw his last set of drumsticks deep into the crowd (and we’re talking a Fokof crowd here, so a sea of people) midway through the set thinking that we had just played our last song and then proceeded to beg the guy for his sticks back after we informed him that we still had two or three to go…and the guy actually sent them back through the crowd to the stage. Definitely an embarrassing moment but one of a couple that we still laugh and joke about to this day.









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Festival details:

Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives is back in 2017 with our annual festival of rock n roll, heavy metal and visual arts!. Returning to Wolmer Bush Loungefrom the 27th to the 29th of January, the ninth edition of the Arts Expo will thrill your senses with a wide array of bands, stalls, visual artists and plenty of cool activities!

R300 at the gate

Boargazm / Zombies ate my girlfriend / Vulvodynia / Mezzanine Floor /DevilSpeak / Riddlebreak / Deadline / After Robot / PitVirus / Jonathan Peyper / Adorned in Ash / Disarmageddon / Raptorbaby / No Comply /NERVE ZERO / FAQT / Resurrection of Fetal Remains / Polar Dust / SYSTEM OF A DOWN TRIBUTE BAND / Lesuth / The Color Blew / Cluster Flux / FREExMONEY / Riot Control / Undertone.

Onyksi / Mark Shaun Hopkins / Franki Jean / Yvonne Watson / Barbara Van Wyk / Roushan Van Niekerk / Chelsea Skarupke / Tracey Mathews /Hannes Strydom Art / Liam Milner O’Flaherty / Jes Hunter Photography and Makeup / Vampirmaniac Art / Dominique Osner / Bunnycorpse Tattoos/ Johann Freyer / Anastasya Eliseeva / The Art of Jengo by Louis du Pisani / Martin Kurst / Samara Reyneke / Nicolette Duvenage + more

Solsken Clothing / Kulcha Kollektive / Macabre and Geekery / Reigning Red / BBQ Boss / The Fairy Factoree / WabiSabi / Pretty Pandora /INdelicate Get it On! – band shirts and apparel / The Travelling Chef / No Reason Clothing / Bad Bunny Toy Store / Powered by Fandom / Haywire Design / Little Shop of Strange / Magically Mystified / Pierced /

incl. “Fight a Knight” stand.


No outside booze allowed in the entertainment area.
Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent.
Buy tokens for use at bar and wolmer kitchen – cash and credit cards welcome
Doors to Entertainment Area will open to the general public at 4pm on the 27th of January.
The number of nice shady camp sites available is limited, so if you plan to set up a nice little tented-off area under some pretty trees- come early!
Please note that there are no showers. If you’re camping, we suggest copious amounts of wet-wipes!
Warm clothes, cameras, your mates, money for food, merch and cool things, sunblock, sunglasses, painkillers, toilet paper and wet wipes, towel, picnic blankets, umbrella, rain coat, water, rubbish bags, camping chairs, hats
?Knee high fires will be permitted. Please keep them contained and ensure you have a fire extinguisher on hand.
No bad attitudes, no stupid behavior, no intolerance, no weapons, no pets.

20 Dale Avenue, Karen Park, Akasia
Google maps:

Right of Admission Reserved
Entry at Own Risk
ID on Request at the Bar

Queries? Contact:
Sashquita Northey – Emalyth



Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/922760741154862/



Interviewed by: Lav Nandlall (More from Lav)

Shots fired by: Carl ‘Snake eyes’ (More From Carl)

Date: 25 January 2017

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