The Metalist za caught up with Johannesburg based alternative act, Climate Control regarding the release of their new Lyric video, Ghosts.

Remember Climate Control? Well, they have just released a lyric video for their new single Ghosts, after what has seemed like a hiatus since the release of Tidal Wave.

Ghosts displays a much lighter, more melodic feel than previous releases from the band, but it still maintains that core Climate Control sound. Guitarist, Luca Zeeman explained their natural progression through maturity.

Our sound has definitely progressed over the years. We used to be a bit heavier and more aggressive, but now we’ve headed for a more melodic sound, while still keeping a certain aggression present. The change in our sound was definitely not a conscious decision. I think it changed naturally as we matured, since we all listen to a large variety of genres. “Tidal Wave” was definitely a turning point for us in my opinion.”

 Naturally, the release of a lyric video forces listeners to pay more attention to the lyrics than they would, say, hearing it on the radio. So what kind of message are Climate Control trying to get out into the world? Vocalist, Nicolas Gonzalez, explains the purpose behind Ghosts,

“Releasing this song as a single has allowed us to focus all attention on it, and we’re really proud of the outcome. Lyrically, I explored the concept of leaving a mark on the world; the difficulty therein and the fact that all things come to an end. Leaving things behind to be remembered by is important, as is the actual things/marks left behind.”

With over a thousand YouTube hits in the first two weeks of its release, and an overwhelming response from fans, it seems Climate Control are beginning to leave a legacy of their own. Nic continued to say,

I’m hoping to leave behind something helpful & worthwhile – something that people gravitate strongly to and relate to with memories or phases of life. Many of my favourite artists have helped me through difficult times, as well as solidified and strengthened good ones. Music is so emotive and evocative, and I really want our music to have that effect & leave behind something that makes people think & feel something.”

After every successful single release, comes the same question. Is there an album or EP in the pipeline? Newly added addition to the band, Brooklyn Pakathi, explained that

We’re looking at the band as more than just a bunch of friends jamming music. We’re sitting down and fine tuning what makes a successful band and in doing so, we’ve researched, explored and investigated different avenues such as PR, Publicity, Marketing and the likes.


With all of that said, we’re finding new ways to make our music more than just a single on iTunes but an overall experience lived. There is definitely plans for a broader music offering, but when that will be – only time will tell. In the meanwhile we do have A WHOLE LOT of goodies coming your way.”

So for those of you who have not experienced the amazing production quality, melody progressions and catchy chorus of Ghosts, you can find it here:

But perhaps you would prefer to see the real thing? No worries! Bassist, Wesley Smuts informed us that they will at Wolmer Rock Fest on 29 April.

We’ll be jamming with some great bands and people can definitely expect to hear Ghosts live, so play it on repeat, learn the lyrics and jam along with us. We’re amped!”





Interviewed by: Sammy SF (more from Sammy)

Date: 19 April 2016

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