[LOCAL INTERVIEW] Counting down to Krank’d Up with All We’ve Known

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The Metalist’s Cayden Nel caught up with Port Elizabeth based Metalcore master’s, All We’ve Known ahead of their Krank’d Up debut alongside international headliner’s SikTh and MISS MAY I. See what they had to say ahead of this weekend’s festivities.


How did it come about that you gents’ were put on the bill for this phenomenal and much anticipated annual event?


Well, much like the other bands we had to go through the application process. We actually applied 2 or 3 times because we’d seen how amazing this festival is so we made it a goal to get into the lineup.


Take us to the moment you were notified that you’d be performing?


We were very stoked! We’ve worked hard over the last couple years and it’s really awesome to included in a lineup like this with such quality bands on both stages. We immediately hit the jam room and started practicing!


Do any of the band members have experience with Turning Tricks or Krank’d Up?


To an extent yes. We’ve followed the festival closely since we heard about it and our drummer, Russel, went a couple years back when Periphery performed so we’ve heard a lot about what we can expect when we get there.


How would you gents’ describe your style of music? And, secondly your style of performance?


Our music could be best described as Metal-core/Post-Hardcore with electronic elements mixed in too. Some of the songs are very fast paced and heavy while others tend to be very melodic.

Our performances are very important to us. We rarely play the same set twice and we always like to tailor our set based on where we play and what show we are playing. We give everything to every performance and this time will be no different.


Are you gents’ fans of either headliners, Miss May I and SikTh? The Metalist spoke to both bands, and they are intending to have their first shows in South Africa be Monument(al). <- Excuse the pun…


Yes, among us there are some SikTh fans and some big MMI fans so we will definitely be rocking out to their sets later in the evening!


What does AWK reckon of the local line-up at Krank’d Up this year? Is there anyone you’re particularly looking forward to seeing from the local bill?


The lineup is awesome and it’s always to cool to see such great diversity between acts. We’d obviously like to watch everybody but I think we definitely won’t be missing Riddlebreak, Treehouse Burning or Facing the Gallows.


You will be playing alongside, metalcore trailblazers Treehouse Burning, as well as mega alternative metallers Last One Alive, are you familiar with these bands?


Yes I think we played a show with LOA a few years back. We don’t personally know any of the Treehouse Burning guys but we’ve interacted online a bit and we’ve seen the hype around them. There’s no doubt that both sets are going to be amazing. They are both great acts.


What can attendee’s of Krank’d Up expect from your set?


This being our debut in JHB, people can expect that we will be going hard. We’ve been preparing for this for a couple months now and our set will have a lot of new material off our upcoming album, with one or two older songs thrown in for good measure. There will also be some interesting interludes and stage antics.


Are there any up and coming bands in PE that The Metalist and by large, the scene, need to take note of?


Behold the Silence, our Jeffrey’s bay Metal friends are very cool and have very interesting live performances.


Your single ‘Perfect Disguise’ released in 2017 goes hard, when can we expect more music from the All We’ve Known camp?


We are actually busy wrapping up the filming of something new at the moment.

We’ve been teasing music for a while but we’ve timed it so that we could drop it just before Krank’d Up.

Our debut full length album, “Dissidence”, will drop early 2019.

We can’t wait to finally get it out there!




The post-hardcore subgenre is slowly picking up in our magnificent country (see the Secrets tour back in April, Our Last Night in November, I See Stars for Halloween, and the iconic Dance Gavin Dance expected for 2019 just to mention a few), let’s hope this trend continues upward!


Thank you for taking the time, and hope you have a very enjoyable debut at Krank’d Up!

Krank’d Up is a one day annual music festival which takes place on the last Saturday of September (29th) in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa (Sundowners, Alberton). Geared towards the discerning music fan of alternative tastes and a desire for an unforgettable time, the festival boasts an astounding array of international and local rock and metal talent

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