[LOCAL INTERVIEW] Francois Van Coke

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Straight out of Bellville and always ready to rock, we have the opportunity to have a kak praat sessie with SA rock & Roll royalty, Francois Van Coke, ahead of the mighty Beefstock Festival.


Goeie dagga, welcome, aloha. Good to see you up north again. How have you been man?


Hey man. Thanks. I spend so much time in Gauteng or the north – I love going back to Cape Town for the week though, but I have spent the last 5 weekends in Gauteng. It has been very good and very busy.


You’ve been running around town with Fokofpolisiekar up here again before this post – good to be back up here in the highveld again?


Yeah man. LIke I said, it has a been a crazy couple of months. We released a new Fokof album at the end of 2017 and we are very keen to play those tunes as much as possible. There is also a new FOKOF EP coming out at the beginning of November, so we will also be around the country for some shows.


We’re amped to see you at Beef Stock Rock and Meat Festival at Bosheuvel Country Estate in Muldersdrift, on the Westrand of Joburg over the last weekend in November. Ever crossed over to the “west side”?


Yeah man, plenty of times. Love playing in the West. Had some great shows in the area.


The lineup packs quite a punch – which bands would you will skip a beer to see?


I grew up on the Springbok Nude Girls. They will always be one of my favourite bands. Would also love to see my guys, Hellcats and Southern Wild.


Beef Stock is not only a rock fest, but a meat festival as well. And I don’t mean a sausage fest. Do you enjoy a steak? If so, which cut is your favourite?


I braai mostly fillet, but I did a prime rib the other day and that was amazing. So, either or!


I had the privilege of seeing live you with Fokkof for the first time at Woodstock 2004 near Hartebeespoort. I still bear the scars of that show. What is your most insane festival experience?


That Woodstock 2004 was our first show ever, the shows went more mental from there on out! Most insane experience? I think it was playing with Van Coke Kartel at the Hohaiyan festival in Taiwan to 100 000 people!


You seem to be enjoying playing live at the moment – what can fans expect of your performance at Beef Stock?


I have always enjoyed playing live! I will be playing with my band, Die Gevaar. We will be playing songs from my solo career mostly, so that is stuff from the last 3 years, but also some Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel classics.


Any tips for first time festival goers?


Pace yourself


There are rumours going around that you are playing some more gigs around these here parts. What, where and when?


Always playing shows all over the country. You can check updated gig guides on www.francoisvancoke.co.za and www.fokofpolisiekar.co.za


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to us man. Any parting words for better or wors?


Be kind, be brave, be cool and be yourself!

Thanks to Francois Van Coke for chatting to us before his appearance at the inaugural Beef Stock at Bosheuvel, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg on the weekend of 23 – 25 November. Rock on brother!