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The Metalist za caught up with Johannesburg based metalcore heavyweights, A Fate Like Yours ahead of their supporting slot for the mighty Fit For A King at the end of the month. Along with their recent return to the live circuit, it is an absolute pleasure to welcome them back to The Metalist family.

See what they had to say below!

Firstly, welcome back!
We can’t tell you how happy we are that A Fate Like Yours has returned to the live circuit.

What was the reason for the long hiatus, and what made you decide to come back?


We are excited to be back. Leon our Drummer left for England for about 4 years. We tried a few drummers, and no one was the right fit, so that was the end of AFLY.

Then the mighty Gras Leeu returned from his great adventures across the ocean. We all missed jamming together and everything just fell back into place.


Does your return to the live stage mean the possibility of new material? Are there any plans to write any time soon?


We Have written two new songs which we played at Secrets and will be playing at FFAK. We are planning to record the new tracks soon.


New material is on the way, however right now we are all trying to find our feet again. We’ve been out of the scene for a while and want to make sure what we currently have is tighter and better than we have ever played it before.






What emotions were felt when you guys opened for SECRETS?


It’s impossible to give words to the emotions felt. Just the opportunity Jam Packed provided us, allowing us to play with such an amazing band is indescribable.
But, being on stage after 4 years. Seeing the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm, watching Brad in a Neck brace literally swinging from the rafters, was phenomenal.


You spend years and years perfecting a craft, writing, practicing and sacrificing a lot in the process. All for a mere 30-45 mins of all or nothing, all we can say is, that night, it was all worth it.


Obviously next on the cards is the mighty Fit For A King, are you guys fans? What does this opportunity mean to you?


Anyone of us who weren’t, are fans now. After listening to their music it’s impossible not to be, just incredible.
It means everything. Without the opportunity to play these shows we may have never left the garage again.

These shows bring a lot of opportunities and firsts for us. We have never played at Arcade Empire before, which is one of our best alternative venues. We have Never played in Cape Town before, some of us have never even been to Cape Town. So, this is a very exciting tour for us.


You guys are basically veterans in the local metal scene, how would you say the scene has changed since you made your debut?


It’s difficult to tell, when the band broke up we all started focusing a lot more on alternative parts of our lives. When in a band you tend to spend a lot of time at shows, I think most of us took a bit of a break from the scene, so we are not very up to date with the current State.

However, if the Secrets show is anything to go by, it’s bigger and better than ever before.
More and more amazing acts are gracing our shores and from what we can tell the local bands are all stepping up their game. Most giving the internationals a run for their money.


What do you think South African metal bands could learn from the major internationals that are now frequenting our shores?


Practice, practice, practice. The “tightness” and professionalism of the international bands is on another level. Their live performances have been amazing to watch. We are so lucky to be a part of the great work Jam Packed productions is doing. It’s really bringing new life to the scene.


If you could play with any band, past or present, who would it be and why?


This is a tough one as there are so many bands that have influenced us and our lives.
August Burns Red Who graced our shores at OppiKoppi a few years ago. Black Dahlia Murder seems like a band that would be great fun to tour with.
Misery signals, As Blood Runs Black (we did cover two of their songs when we first started out).
Corelia, Every time I Die, I the Breather, Lamb Of God, Miss May I (we also covered one or two of their tracks back in the day).
Stick To Your Guns, Texas in July, The Contortionist, Unearth, Veil Of Maya.

So many of these bands have already been to SA, we got to see them, but sharing a stage would have been life changing.


Last but certainly not least, why should people buy tickets for the Fit For A King shows?


Go onto YouTube and search “Fit For A King”, no more motivation needed. These guys are on another level. Do not miss these shows.


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Interviewed by: Sammy SF