[LOCAL INTERVIEW] Get amped for Fit For A King with OneDaySky

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The Metalist za caught up with Johannesburg’s OneDaySky who have been rocking our earhole’s on and off for the last decade. See what they had to say ahead of their supporting slot for the mighty Fit For A King next weekend!



Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Metalist! Firstly, you gents just recorded a new music video, any news on when it will drop for us fans?

Right now, we’re busy working out the logistics of the video in terms of performance and other narrative shots we got. But if you keep a close eye on our socials, you’ll know the date. It’ll be soon and shortly after the Fit For A King tour.


You guys took part in the Secrets tour by Jam Packed Productions back in April, how was that experience?

We got to play one show on the tour but what a show it was to be part of. An incredible amount of support from the local scene and watching the Secrets dudes play was truly an honour as we’ve been fans of the band for a long time. We were also mad stoked to see A Fate Like yours back on stage, after it all, we think the Jam Packed Productions team put on one hell of a tour.


Adding to this, are you guys doing anything differently for the upcoming tour with Fit For a King?

So, we are playing a completely different set for the Fit For a King tour. We like to change it up every tour. So, if you watched us at the Secrets show, there will be something a little different, you’ll only know if you come to the shows.





Are any of you Fit For a King fans? Which tracks would you recommend someone not having listened to them before?

We’re all Fit For A King fans. We love Deathgrip but favourite album is ‘Slave to Nothing’. The new single they released though, ‘Tower of Pain’ is super rad!


The local scene has been growing steadily over the past couple of years, what do you guys think has been a catalyst for this?

There are a few; The large influx of international bands and artists that are brought here by incredible promoters like Jam Packed Productions, Witch Doctor, Turning Tricks Entertainment, Seed entertainment to name a few. The platforms that they create, allows our local bands an opportunity to perform for new audiences.

As well as the local initiative of the SAMMA awards has given rise to new avenues we haven’t seen in our “scene” for a long time. And then again, there is also the Wacken battle that includes SA in the global roll out. So many new platforms and mediums for our bands and artists to showcase their talent and acquire new fans. Even our local festivals have helped in building our local scenes in a huge way. Festivals like RAMfest, Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, One Night in Cape Town, Krank’d Up, Rocking for Rhinos have helped build our profiles.



The Post-hardcore genre in South Africa is a smaller scene, are there any bands you guys would recommend we check out?

Hmmm…. We are few and far between. But there are bands we’ve heard of making some waves: All We’ve Known; Upon Neon; All Will Fall. We do have our favourites in the scene though: Red Helen; Climate Control; Facing the Gallows; Atlantic South; As Time Divides; Truth & It’s Burden; A Fate Like Yours; Riddlebreak; Set for the Sky; Treehouse Burning, Newtown Knife Gang, Oh God, I AM and You, Me & The Harmony, Made for Broadway.


You gents have a ton of touring experience under your belt already, what’s the craziest thing you guys have experienced whilst on tour?

We can’t share that here… hahahahaha! Come say hi to us at any of the Fit For a King shows and we’ll tell you.


OneDaySky released a while ago named ‘Aporia’, how was it received, and will the new release be similar?

We received so many awesome compliments for the track. We’re super grateful that we could deliver a song we’ve worked so hard on. The new track that we will be releasing has a dark history behind the lyrics but it has a great flow. You can be the judge when it comes out.


Do you notice a difference in calibre between international acts and our local bands? – It feels as if the lines have been getting more and more blurred as of late!

We have seen a lot of local artists up their quality to a point where the lines are quite thin.


Who has been your favourite local band to tour with so far along the Jam Packed Productions journey?

Probably Facing the Gallows and Climate Control. We’re super stoked to be on this upcoming tour with A Fate Like Yours and Truth & It’s Burden.


Lastly, why do you think people should buy tickets for Fit For A King?

Who knows when they will be back? Great local line up. So definitely best to get a ticket AND for the price Jam Packed Productions are offering them, it’s a steal.


Thanks so much for taking the time guys! We really look forward to hearing the new track, and to seeing you in the pit for the Fit For a King tour!

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Interviewed by: Cayden Nel