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The Metalist za caught up with Cape Town electronic metalcore newcomers,  Treehouse Burning ahead of their supporting slot for the mighty Fit For A King later this month. Get to know them a little better by reading what they had to say below.

You guys seem to have hit the road running, growing your fan base with every release.

What is your secret? How long was Treehouse Burning a thing before you unleashed yourselves to the public?

Richard: Thank you for the kind words, there’s no real secret to what we do. We just really believe in ourselves and our music, and so we’ve approached everything we do with the right mindset.


Jesse: Treehouse Burning formed and began writing music only about 5 months before the first release. Once those first demos came together we knew we had something special.


Your single ‘Overdose’ featuring Jonny Mcbee clearly draws some influence from The Browning, did you get any feedback or advice from Jonny during the collaboration process?

Jesse: The Browning is one of our greatest influences. As much as we would’ve liked some production advice from Jonny, we were all pretty happy with the arrangement and production of the song before sending the demo for vocal tracking.


Richard: It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and we’re all really happy with how it turned out.







While we are on the topic of collaborations, you guys just recently released a new single ‘Seven’, what was the inspiration behind this track and how did the collaboration with Christian Grey come about?

Jesse: Nathan and I had this idea of an epic, dark sounding song, with the lyrics portraying apocalyptic themes. Myself and Christian had been in talks of a collaboration long before we conceptualized this song, and once the song came together he was the obvious choice.


I’ve personally been streaming your music on Deezer since the release of ‘Ledger’, what has the response been on the various streaming services your music is available on, have you noticed people favouring one over the others?

Richard: The response has been pretty favourable overall and we’re really grateful for all the support we’ve received so far.


Obviously next on the cards is the mighty Fit For A King, are you guys fans? What does this opportunity mean to you?

Jesse: Most of us have been long time fans of FFAK, and the ones who weren’t definitely are now. We feel privileged to be opening for them.


Richard: They go so hard on record and on stage and we’re excited to see what we can learn from playing alongside them.


Do you have anything special planned in terms of your live performance?

We’ve got some new songs and guest features in the works, but aside from that you can expect a lot of energy, breakdowns and pits!


What advice would you give new bands in terms of promoting themselves to reach the international market?

Richard: Network, network, network. Speak to people all over the world all the time. Always be ready to learn. Constantly seek knowledge and improvement.


Jesse: Approach everything you do in the band with a professional attitude.


Last but certainly not least, why should people buy tickets for the Fit For A King shows?

Jesse: Even without Fit For a King, Jam Packed has put together a quality local lineup worthy of the ticket price. Add Fit For a King to that, and I can’t see any reason why any South African alternative music lover shouldn’t be there.

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Interviewed by: Sammy SF