Cadillac Sun are one of the younger bands on the Krank’d Up 2016 lineup,  in terms of the South African music scene. They play a very traditional flavour of Rock ‘n Roll, citing influences such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Rival Sons, System of a Down and Wolfmother (among others) as inspiration behind their sound and passion.

Cadillac Sun is the brainchild of  founding member and primary creative force,  Emile Snyman. He has been in the music scene for quite some time and has shared stage with some great artists over the years; The Black Cat Bones, Dan Patlansky and Fokofpolisiekar to name a few.

Take a look at what he and  the band had to say to The Metalist za just days ahead of the festival…

When listening to Cadillac Sun, it’s clear that there is a strong influence from many of the great rock ‘n roll legends. Which bands had the most meaningful impact on you; whether it be because of what they stood for, their lifestyles or the music they made?

First off we just want to thank you guys for showing an interest in our band and the music that we make.

Rival Sons has been a major influence in the forming of the band initially. Founding member, professional hand model and guitarist in the band, Emile was on a big RS binge before he got Jones (drummer) and Carl (vox) involved in the project.

Another big influence on our music is Rage against the Machine. Looking at the current political status in our country it’s about time someone stood up through rock & roll and we hope to be that band. We believe more musos can bring the essence of “Killing in the Name Of” into their art.


Lifestyle wise we are 4 pretty average Joe’s from small towns so the big “sex drugs and rock & roll” lifestyle seems far from our own realities. It’s more the musical side of bands like Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Rage, Wolfmother, and Guns & Roses that get us going. We hope to bring back good old rock & roll with a modern day twist.

Cadillac Sun..? Does it refer to anything specific? Or how did the name come about?11057882_1680909355487625_1906754481534104444_o

Jay Buchanan sings in the Rival Sons song, All Over the Road “I’ve got my Cadillac, gonna drive right into the Sun” and the origins of our name stems from that song. It’s also a bit of a “thank you” moment to a band that inspires us and has a direct correlation to the birth of the band.

Your self-titled debut album has been available for just under six months now, if I’m not mistaken? I’m sure you’ve had some memorable experiences thus far in terms of shows you’ve played to promote the album; has there been a certain gig or two that just stood out from the rest and why?

Yes we released in March of this year. 

That would definitely be the hometown show we played in the Vaal. Three of the members are from the Vaal area and one member from a small place called Fochville. It was our final show of the tour we played in Gauteng and we had an amazing crowd. 

Another really rad show was a gig we played as part of the “Making the Muso” battle of the bands at Arcade Empire. Thus far that has been our best crowd response and show we have been involved with. Bras and people flying all over, shoes and crowd surfing. We were really pumped up after that show! It was mental!

Big thank you to anyone who has ever seen us perform live!


Krank’d Up is just around the corner and the line-up is looking great! What are your thoughts and feelings about the upcoming festivities?

We are totally amped to see so many amazing local acts like Man as Machine and Newtown Knife Gang. But the real treat will be Norma Jean and Periphery! Looking forward to this one for a while now, brains are going to melt!

Our very first performance at Sundowners as well, so it’s going to be a special moment for us.

What are your plans for the near to not-so-near future? Touring, recording and the likes?

Currently we are knee deep in pre-production for album number two! Don’t expect any polka jazz fusion with reggae roots, we will be laying down some gritty rock & roll once again!

We are playing a lot of shows in October/November so it’s looking like a very productive couple of months for us.

If you could send any message through Cadillac Sun’s music, something you’d like people to know or think about; what would it be?

A good place to start off with would be the song “Not Welcome”. Socio-political/economic subjects are close to our hearts so we hope to explore more of these type of subjects in the future. We have such a fantastic country, but there is a lot wrong at the same time. We hope to bring more attention to that.

We do play a lot of feel good music, but there is also a very serious side to what we want to say. We make real music for real people and we hope our music and vibe comes across as that.

Cadillac Sun has the spirit of Rock within their hearts and will certainly deliver a powerful, action packed performance. They strive to truly make an impact in the lives of others through their music, using their sonic weapons as a channel to do so. There’s so much talent and passion that’s going to be present at Krank’d Up, it’s surely a sin punishable by eternal damnation if missed. Hope to see you all there.



Krank’d Up Festival details:

KRANK’D UP will be held at Sundowners (Alberton) on September 24, 2016. Set across two stages, featuring 2 international acts and 16 South African rock / metal bands.

KRANK’D UP Ticket Prices:
Full price: R490 each

Tickets are on sale nationwide through www.computicket.com , as well as at Computicket outlets and Checkers stores.


KRANK’D UP 2016 is brought to you by Turning Tricks Entertainment and is proudly sponsored by Monster Energy SA, Jägermeister, Coca- Cola and TOMS


Interviewed byWillem Maritz (More from Willie)

Date: 20 September 2016

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