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The Metalist za had a chat with band In Misery about upcoming local event The Freakquency Transmission and to get to know what they are all about.


How does it feel to be playing at The Frequency Transmission?


We are eager and happy to add our part alongside some great acts that would be displayed
during that night. There is definitely a lot going into that event to make it something special.
So we are more than happy to take part in the Freakquency Transmission.

How do you see the metal scene in South Africa?


It’s a hard question, out of a personal observation I feel that the metal scene in Johannesburg
is definitely declining….. The biggest factor I noticed is a lack of proper venues which in my
opinion is a major issue. Seeing bands only rotate between the same three of four clubs is
rather concerning.

How would you improve the scene?

Best conclusion…

  1. Less bands per night playing longer slots with proper soundchecks.
  2. Squeezing 10 plus bands into an evening sucks.
  3. Cut out those dodgy organizers.

Boots or sneakers?

Boots…. definitely a fetish in our band

So what does the band like to do on their off days/during chill time?

We all enjoy being active… But on our lazy days we have Coffee & Complaints. We even quit our chain smoking habits. We mostly get together for the sake of the music.


Which band would you love to watch perform live/live again?


That would definitely be seeing Rammstein live… we all can agree on that.



Tell me about the recording process of /The absence of light/


On the first half of the album we kept our band format as we normally would while we were tracking all the heavier songs. For the sake of the softer half there was a lot of alone time, working in the middle of the night. I would spend time on the vocals and tracking piano etc. I do believe that music sounds better at those late hours. Less distractions and easier to get into the mood of things.


What does the artwork on The absence of light signify and how does it tie into what is being expressed musically


It depicts moving further into the unknown. Traveling deeper without guidance and unsure of what lies beyond. It pokes fun at the curious nature of mankind… What lies on the other side of death? We would all like to know…. but we might not like what we find. Musically we can agree that this is anything but a happy album. But in our own defence, who needs another love song!


Where can your fans find the album?

We have our music on bandcamp. Physical album copies are only available from us directly.

Interviewed by: Splice

Date: February 2018

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