These little piggies got their big break outside of the local scene… See what Boargazm had to say ahead of their performance at Emalyth Art Expo: Nine Lives.

As you are playing the Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives let me ask; what is ‘art’ to you? What does it mean and why do we need it?

Art is a way of translating our perspective of the universe onto a specific medium. We need art to inspire us. To become something more than a cog in a machine…


Tell us how things went down with your tour in South America?

It was absolutely hamtastic! Brazil is a lot like South Africa in various ways. Only bigger, with way more people. The response was amazing. We worked very hard, did 9 shows in 10 days, but we had the time of our lives. We’re definitely going back.14468549_1086257278161720_8711618043073722555_o


How did the tour in South America turn into a reality? 

In 2015 we toured Latvia, Estonia, and Russia with Enthroned and Nervo Chaos. It was a really great tour. We got along very well with the guys from Nervo Chaos. So we invited them to South Africa in 2016. These guys tour their asses of, a real inspiration. They did 10 shows in SA, and they invited us to Brazil to return the favour. Now we just have to keep on rollin’… 


Where are you setting your sights in terms of touring for 2017? 

We’re planning to do Europe, or Quito, or anywhere that will have us. We’re just trying to cover territory. We’re mailing and calling all the promoters we know. Until then we’ll keep our backyard clean and head through SA. Hook up with some bras’ and just keep fighting the good fight. 



What can we expect at the Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives show from the band?

We’re going to be doing our crazy antics and groove it away. We might have a new song… 


Lastly, what new releases/singles can we expect from Boargasm? 

We are currently in studio and we’re tracking Armagammon. It will be the third installation to the Trilogy (Aporkalypse, The Baconing, Armagammon). We’ve got very interesting sounds and music heading your way.  


Quickfire questions:

Bacon with cheese OR bacon with bacon?

Bacon with bacon with cheese with cheese.


Star Wars OR Star Trek

Star Wars.14468589_1086257804828334_3702671384670780224_o


Who has the smelliest feet?



Who can do a great oink?



Who is the first person to passout?



Who takes the most amount of time to set up their gear?14570603_1086256991495082_6521876327178821053_o

Steve – the sound guy.


Who is most likely to forget their music notes/lyrics?

Depends on who had the most to drink.


Tell us about one embarrassing moment in the band’s career so far?

Let’s just say we’ve been as happy as a pig in shit… 😉













Festival details:

Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives is back in 2017 with our annual festival of rock n roll, heavy metal and visual arts!. Returning to Wolmer Bush Loungefrom the 27th to the 29th of January, the ninth edition of the Arts Expo will thrill your senses with a wide array of bands, stalls, visual artists and plenty of cool activities!

R300 at the gate

Boargazm / Zombies ate my girlfriend / Vulvodynia / Mezzanine Floor /DevilSpeak / Riddlebreak / Deadline / After Robot / PitVirus / Jonathan Peyper / Adorned in Ash / Disarmageddon / Raptorbaby / No Comply /NERVE ZERO / FAQT / Resurrection of Fetal Remains / Polar Dust / SYSTEM OF A DOWN TRIBUTE BAND / Lesuth / The Color Blew / Cluster Flux / FREExMONEY / Riot Control / Undertone.

Onyksi / Mark Shaun Hopkins / Franki Jean / Yvonne Watson / Barbara Van Wyk / Roushan Van Niekerk / Chelsea Skarupke / Tracey Mathews /Hannes Strydom Art / Liam Milner O’Flaherty / Jes Hunter Photography and Makeup / Vampirmaniac Art / Dominique Osner / Bunnycorpse Tattoos/ Johann Freyer / Anastasya Eliseeva / The Art of Jengo by Louis du Pisani / Martin Kurst / Samara Reyneke / Nicolette Duvenage + more

Solsken Clothing / Kulcha Kollektive / Macabre and Geekery / Reigning Red / BBQ Boss / The Fairy Factoree / WabiSabi / Pretty Pandora /INdelicate Get it On! – band shirts and apparel / The Travelling Chef / No Reason Clothing / Bad Bunny Toy Store / Powered by Fandom / Haywire Design / Little Shop of Strange / Magically Mystified / Pierced /

incl. “Fight a Knight” stand.


No outside booze allowed in the entertainment area.
Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent.
Buy tokens for use at bar and wolmer kitchen – cash and credit cards welcome
Doors to Entertainment Area will open to the general public at 4pm on the 27th of January.
The number of nice shady camp sites available is limited, so if you plan to set up a nice little tented-off area under some pretty trees- come early!
Please note that there are no showers. If you’re camping, we suggest copious amounts of wet-wipes!
Warm clothes, cameras, your mates, money for food, merch and cool things, sunblock, sunglasses, painkillers, toilet paper and wet wipes, towel, picnic blankets, umbrella, rain coat, water, rubbish bags, camping chairs, hats
?Knee high fires will be permitted. Please keep them contained and ensure you have a fire extinguisher on hand.
No bad attitudes, no stupid behavior, no intolerance, no weapons, no pets.

20 Dale Avenue, Karen Park, Akasia
Google maps:,28.1044117,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1ebfd75311f54c39:0x2719a0d9ea0a3b7c?hl=en

Right of Admission Reserved
Entry at Own Risk
ID on Request at the Bar

Queries? Contact:
Sashquita Northey – Emalyth



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Interviewed by: Lav Nandlall (More from Lav)

Shots fired by: Jacques Schutte (More From Schutte)

Date: 26 January 2017

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