Female fronted Durban based metal band Desolation were one of two bands chosen to compete in the Battle For Wacken finale being held at Rumours in Johannesburg on the 28th May after jointly winning their heat of the prelim stage. Peter Metalcore caught up with them as they ready themselves for the challenge of winning the ultimate prize.

What was the preparation like building up to the battle? Did you change up your usual pre11312683_781409258646525_2185061585343537310_o show traditions?

We just worked on streamlining our set to fit within the 20 min guideline but other than that the prep was the same as for our previous shows.

When Desolation were chosen to compete, what were your initial thoughts?

We had fun at the Wacken Battle back in 2013. So we were excited to be part of the event again.

Once all the bands had been announced for your leg of the battle how did you think you would fair in comparison? And how had you prepared for the possibility of not being chosen to go through to Johannesburg?

As we were the last band chosen, we knew the bands that were on the bill already. We felt we had a good chance to go through but either way we were going to have a jol.

Desolation have been around since 2012 and have yet to release a studio album. Have you begun the process and if so, when can we expect a final product?

We should have something ready by the end of the year. With everyone having full time jobs it stretches out the process. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

What can Johannesburg and the judges look forward to and expect from Desolation on May 28th?

Straight up Durban Death Metal

Tell us a little bit about how Desolation was conceived and the message within your music.

When a man, a man, a man, a woman and another man love death metal they make many many juicy beats…and 11101515_781409458646505_4787707475410633718_ocall it Desolation.


But seriously… Guitarists, Andy & Gareth were jamming in a band room next to the old Deny the Empire room when Aldine and Nic heard their unique sound and knew they had to be a part of it. Chase followed soon after as he was our ultimate choice for a bassist.


Our Lyrics mainly cover humanity’s urge to destroy. War, Politics and overall doucebagery.

Has being a female fronted band changed your approach to any part of your music writing or delivery? And what would you say are the pitfalls for having a female fronted band?

Shirts-off in the band room tends to get quite awkward…

We have never felt like it was more or less of a challenge to be a female fronted metal band. There are no pitfalls. We consider it a positive. People don’t expect death metal when they see a lass on stage. Surprise Mother F*ckers

If you were going into battle against the Suicide Squad, what would be your weapons of choice?

Chase’s bass.

Interviewed by: Peter Metalcore

Shots fired by: Knightingale Photography

Date: 24 May 2016

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