[LOCAL INTERVIEW] The Goldilocks Effect

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The Metalist za writer Tim Viljoen got to know a bit about relatively new kids on the block, THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT, to chat about their influences, passions, current projects and upcoming events.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Could you please give us a brief explanation of the origin of your bands name?

Thanks for asking us to… We actually came across the term ‘The Goldilocks Effect’ whilst reading Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’. In cosmology, it refers to the physical laws that govern the universe (such as, the elements and their concentrations and gravity), which needed to exist in such a delicate balance in order for life to develop… As in the fairytale, everything had to be ‘just right’.  

For our readers who might not know about you yet and would like to know you a bit better, please state your name, the instrument you play and your passions outside of music.

Llewellyn: Hey there, my name is Lew. I play guitar and my passions outside of music are“tricky”. I teach and perform, it’s literally all I do, and other times I’ll drink a beer.


Hermienke: My name is Hermienke and I play keyboards and vocal chords…. haha that sounds like an admission…. and it sort of is… this band and the people in it are my life…. I also practice other forms of escapism… we’re all big gamers.  And I passionately adore animals, especially fluffy ones.


Wynand: I’m Wynand, I play bass. I love stories, I love games. I’m passionate about the human race, even though I sometimes feel equal disdain towards our nature and our perversions of our nature, like religions and the ideologies of little men.


Mark: I am Mark and I do vocals and synths. I love naked people… Sex.

What is it that got you into music in the first place?

Llewellyn: The sound of distorted guitar got me into music. Those harsh aggressive tones were very relatable as a teenager, it sounded huge, and I was quite    little.


Hermienke: My brother, in more ways than one.


Wynand: The way it made me feel.


Mark: My mother’s 45 speed record player

If each of you were stuck on a desert island and only got to take one album with you. What album would you take and why?

Hermienke: haha I wouldn’t survive long enough on a desert island, I’m too pale


Wynand: I’d rather have a guitar. Hell is repetition.


Mark: Steve Hofmeyer… so I can use it as a reflector for passing aircraft.

Up until now what is your favourite memory as a band and why?

Taking shrooms together.

When writing music is there a common theme or message that you’re trying to convey?

Hermienke: Nope… I guess our music would naturally convey who we are and how we     feel about the world. I find it funny how our name became sort of a personal pursuit, maybe that’s why the concept intrigued us so much. Love what you need… or something like that.


Wynand: Balance in all things, maybe therein lies happiness.

Your influences range from hip hop to classical music, how did you guys decide to mesh together these genres?

  That’s just what we all listen to

Do you feel like your music as individuals has evolved over the years and if so how?

Mark: Ask us when we’re wiser

For someone who has not yet seen you what can they expect from a live performance that is different from other bands?

 Hermienke: We don’t use a drummer

You are currently working on an EP that I understand you are producing yourself. How has the experience been for you and what advice would you have for musicians who would like to follow suit?

Hermienke: Never do anything unless it is worth taking a long time to do…

 Mark: Don’t try. Pay us.

What are your plans as a band for this year and beyond?

Hermienke: To finish the E.P. within the next few months and gig as much as we can.


Mark: We wanna play on the moon.


Wynand: Or the first reasonably safe venue outside of our orbit.


Hermienke: I have agreed to Earth’s moon and no further.

Thanks again for your time, in closing where can fans and future fans find your music and news?

We are on facebook. All our gigs and updates go on there, as will links to the E.P. once we have completed it:




Our next show is on Good Friday (30 March) at The Good Luck Bar, it’s called “The Freakquency Transmission”




Interviewed by: Tim Viljoen

Date: March 2018