Johannesburg based , Bombs & Issues have been making waves in the local metal scene with their unique electronic influenced, but core metal sound. The Metalist za caught up with Craig Atkinson (Drums) ahead of their Woodstock SA appearance to talk new music, tour life and weird festival behavior. 

When you hear the word Woodstock, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

We have never played a Woodstock before, and its always been something we prayed would come back to SA. So first thing we thought was, hell yeah lets get on the bill.


So you guys have recently released two killer singles, Thoth and Silent Remedy, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration or creative direction behind them?

Thoth is based on the Egyptian God of knowledge.  It’s an introspective journey into the mind of people who live out a naive life and don’t question life around them.

Silent Remedy follows the story of a man who lives an egotistical life and disregards any possibility of a power greater than himself. Until in retrospect, He finds himself being saved from a circumstance that he would otherwise never have thought possible. Begging the question of fate vs coincidence.


You also recently took a trip down to Cape Town, how was that tour? What kind of reception did you get down there?

We had a blast on our first tour! We learnt so much and really got an insight into what it means to live the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle on the road. [As well as] the amount of dedication it takes to keep the momentum going. We were fortunate enough to go with our homies from Facing the Gallows [and] they are awesome musicians. We learnt a lot from them as they have loads of experience on tour. DSC_8237


Are there any plans for an EP or album with all this new music you seem to be writing?

We’ve decided against eps and albums. We came to an agreement that people prefer lots of little surprises instead of just big one at a time. It also costs a lot more to print albums whereas singles are digital and more accessible. So be sure to look out for more music, we have some new tricks up our sleeve.


What can people who don’t know you, expect to see/hear from your set at Woodstock SA?

We play with a lot of passion and like to have fun on stage. It’s a mixture of listening and head banging energy. We just want people to feel our energy and enjoy themselves as much as we will.


3What is the funniest or strangest thing you have seen at a festival?

Ryan was fortunate enough to see some extremely tall dude take a dump next to a tree. We are not sure why he went past the tree after he took the dump, but it was also the biggest dump he had ever seen. Ryan has never been the same since (laughs).


For the rest of us we [just] cant compare our stories to that [one].


Woodstock SA has a wide range of musical styles that will be showcased, is there anyone outside of your genre that you are keen to see?

Ceramics are dope! And Bittereinde have a rad show that we amped to see!















Festival details:

In the North West, along the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam you will find Woodstock SA 2016

Spring Day weekend, 4 days of PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC

1 – 4 SEPTEMBER 2016


Direct link –

Earlybird – SOLD OUT!!!

Day Pass for Friday or Saturday – R350

General weekend – R600

Don’t forget your camping gear!!!

*All weekend pass tickets include camping and access to entertainment areas*



2 Man Tent (With mattresses)
2 Rolling Stones Tickets
Private camping area with showers and toilets 

-No glass will be allowed into the festival.
-No open fires are allowed.
-Toilets: There are toilets placed throughout the whole venue.
-Showers: There will be showers available in the various camping areas, but remember that water is precious to us and we have friends who would also like to freshen up.
-No illegal substances
-No under 18’s
-There will be paramedics available 24 hours.


Facebook event page:



Interviewed by: Sammy SF (More from Sammy)

Shots fired by: Sammy SF (More From Sammy)

Date: 23 August 2016

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