Johannesburg based Rock n Roller’s, DIRTY MOONSHINE have been dominating the local club circuit for the last few months, and are ready to transform their raw blues vibe onto the festival stage at Woodstock SA

The Metalist za caught up with the band to find out how they got such a loyal fan base, what’s in store in terms of music releases as well as hearing about some random man-on-man tongue action.

I just want to say how happy I am that we will be seeing Dirty Moonshine on a festival stage! What does playing a festival like Woodstock SA mean to you guys?

Roy: Thank you, it means a lot to us, we have been working extremely hard over the past year and just can’t wait to throw it down on a much larger scale at an open-air festival like Woodstock SA. We always give it our all, no matter what size stage or crowd, so this is going to be a big one for us. Also I am excited to not have to worry about Dave colliding into me on stage.


You guys seem to have a very loyal fan base (judging by all the Dirty Moonshine merch we see at shows), do you do anything different or special to ensure a good relationship with fans?

Wez: Our fans have become more than just random people coming to every show and supporting us, a lot of them have become good friends and some have even joined the family. We appreciate EVERY single person that supports us and we have so much love for them. Our main DSC_7069goal is to make sure our fans are involved as much as possible by having merch they would be happy to buy and wear. We run a weekly “fan of the week” on our Instagram page, and we always share photos of anyone who sends us a photo of themselves wearing Dirty Moonshine merch. We want our fans to be as much of a part of what we are trying to do as the band is.


Are there any new songs in the works at all or tour plans? What does the future hold for you guys?

Dave: We are actually planning to get into the studio in October to start the process of recording our first album. It’s been a long time coming, but we have been saving up and now ready to start getting the process in motion. So, yes lots of new songs coming soon as we have been writing new material and have enough for a full album. As for tours we are in talks with venues and other bands about doing some shows around the country later in 2016 and in 2017.


When you hear the word Woodstock, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Allan: A few things come to mind, well for me any way, but seeing as you’re asking for the first thing… PARTY! A fat one as well and in the immortal words of the Venga Boys “We like to party”. But on a serious note, party responsibly.


aWhat can people who don’t know you, expect to see/hear from your set at Woodstock SA?

Dave: One big dirty PARTY! Four guys, having the time of their lives, playing some dirty rock and roll. We have a few surprises for this show that we will be throwing out during the set. And probably a good time to add, that we will be filming our entire set, as we are planning to use the footage for a music video.


What is the funniest or strangest thing you have seen at a festival?

Wez: I have seen three guys dressed as baby’s walking around a festival asking for hugs. That was probably the strangest thing for me. Then again there are many strange things you see at festivals.


Allan: I can beat that, one of the funniest memories for me was at Wacken in 2012. While watching Sepultura a friend of ours 867spontaneously pulled into a random guy to give him a full on French kiss. It came out of nowhere and caught this guy completely off guard. He was so shocked he didn’t know what to do. He awkwardly threw out the horns, gave a polite smile and walked away. Didn’t even stay for the rest of the set. The look on his face was priceless. Best thing as well is, our friend is straight as an arrow and happily married which made it all the more funny… and awkward. 


Woodstock SA has a wide range of musical styles that will be showcased, is there anyone outside of your genre that you are keen to see?

Allan: Yeah, there are plenty of amazing acts. But I am keen to catch Al Bairre, Riddlebreak, The South Shore Ramblers and Heavy G.


Roy: I am keen to watch You, Me and the Harmony. Dave fan boys hard on that band by the way.


Dave: I am interested in watching Luncatic Wolf and Bittereinder ( I have never seen either) and I am keen to watch The Ceramics again. We played a show a while back with them and those kids were just insane. And yes, as Roy mentioned I will be at You, Me and the Harmony, I have so much love that band. But this entire line up has me frothing at the mouth. There are some amazing bands from all genres, I am considering calling in my trusty steed to gallop across the land to watch as many of them as possible.



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Festival details:

In the North West, along the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam you will find Woodstock SA 2016

Spring Day weekend, 4 days of PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC

1 – 4 SEPTEMBER 2016


Direct link –

Earlybird – SOLD OUT!!!

Day Pass for Friday or Saturday – R350

General weekend – R600

Don’t forget your camping gear!!!

*All weekend pass tickets include camping and access to entertainment areas*



2 Man Tent (With mattresses)
2 Rolling Stones Tickets
Private camping area with showers and toilets 

-No glass will be allowed into the festival.
-No open fires are allowed.
-Toilets: There are toilets placed throughout the whole venue.
-Showers: There will be showers available in the various camping areas, but remember that water is precious to us and we have friends who would also like to freshen up.
-No illegal substances
-No under 18’s
-There will be paramedics available 24 hours.


Facebook event page:



Interviewed by: Sammy SF (More from Sammy)

Shots fired by: Sammy SF (More From Sammy)

Date: 24 August 2016


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