Cross-genre 5-piece, Riddlebreak,  are one of those bands who have just exploded onto the scene recently, seemingly out of nowhere. However, they have put in years of hard work behind the scenes and are extremely deserving of their slot at Woodstock SA. See what the band had to say to The Metalist za regarding their recent tour to Cape Town, onesie-love, intoxication and merriment!

So you guys have just recently come back from a show in Cape Town, what was your reception like down there?

Overall it was very positive. We met quite a few people who were excited to see us perform and made a lot of friends! We got to share the stage with some awesome Cape Town bands and they were really happy to have us. Luckily, the weather was really good when we were there as well. Cape Town is awesome and the people there are really fantastic, can’t wait to play some more shows in future.


I hear you had an interesting flight, what happened?

Hmmm well the first interesting thing was that on the flight down we met these two awesome guys (can’t recall their names), we chatted and had some beers together on the plane. On the day we came back, the same two guys were on the same flight again! It was such a coincidence. Also, on approach to JHB we did experience a little turbulence and our drummer didn’t take that too well if you know what I mean.


Woodstock SA is massive! What does it mean to you guys to be playing on a big festival stage?Untitled-2

It’s truly exciting. We are all so amped to get out there on a big stage! So much space for activities. We’ve had a lot of experience on the local club stages and getting a chance to perform on something much bigger is going to make our show that much bigger.


What can people who don’t know you, expect to see/hear from your set at Woodstock SA?

High energy, headbanging, jumping, running around and quite possibly some blood (Roushan being the usual blood spiller!) You best bring as much energy as possible because we’ll bring everything we have.


Untitled-3When you hear the word Woodstock, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Acid trips and hippies… but after that; music, intoxication and merriment!


What would you do if people embraced the traditional Woodstock custom of being naked throughout the festival, how would it affect your show?

Well, maybe some of our more wild members would join in! They say that if you are nervous you should imagine your audience naked, but if they are actually naked? Then what? It would definitely be interesting to say the least.


You guys have shared some amazing festival stories in the past, but what is the strangest thing you have seen at a music festival?

 (Julian) Hmm there was this one time at Oppi Koppi when I encountered a lost soul wondering past our camp in the early morning. He had at some point the previous night passed out in a thorn bush, so he was covered in cuts, bruises and sandy blood patches. Good thing we had bacon and beer on hand to help him out. Untitled-4


(Gareth) I saw two people going at it in a field once. The strange part was that they were wearing full onesies, like a Spider-man and a Teddy bear. It could’ve been anonymous for all I know.


(Jade) I’ve seen way too many weird things to name or store to memory. I remember seeing two people making out at Oppi while another person was talking a picture of them, and then another guys took a picture of the first guy who was taking a picture… It was very bizarre.


Woodstock SA has a wide range of musical styles that will be showcased, is there anyone outside of your genre that you are keen to see?

We’ve heard good things about The Kiffness so we’ll definitely try check them out. And we’ll be supporting as many bands as we can nonetheless, spread the love!














Festival details:

In the North West, along the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam you will find Woodstock SA 2016

Spring Day weekend, 4 days of PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC

1 – 4 SEPTEMBER 2016


Direct link –

Earlybird – SOLD OUT!!!

Day Pass for Friday or Saturday – R350

General weekend – R600

Don’t forget your camping gear!!!

*All weekend pass tickets include camping and access to entertainment areas*



2 Man Tent (With mattresses)
2 Rolling Stones Tickets
Private camping area with showers and toilets 

-No glass will be allowed into the festival.
-No open fires are allowed.
-Toilets: There are toilets placed throughout the whole venue.
-Showers: There will be showers available in the various camping areas, but remember that water is precious to us and we have friends who would also like to freshen up.
-No illegal substances
-No under 18’s
-There will be paramedics available 24 hours.


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Interviewed by: Sammy SF (More from Sammy)

Shots fired by: Sammy SF (More From Sammy)

Date: 29 August 2016


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