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South African Extreme Death Metal Band A Nameless Dread wasted no time (since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album The First Nothing), to prepare their blazing new single and video for Enter Chaos

Enter Chaos follows a strong groove-based approach to riffing (as heard on most of the tracks on The First Nothing), providing a diverse frantic section to the album laden with groove, brutal chugs and violent blast beats amidst searing vocals that always gets a pit going!

The video for Enter Chaos is a sweltering apparition of hades, providing caustic visual camaraderie to the masterful audio assault that secured A Nameless Dread their coveted 14th slot of Best Death Metal Albums of 2020 from World Of Metal!


Inspired by the ancient Mayans’ concept of “zero”- something that, while almost inherent in our understanding of the world today, was revolutionary up until as recent as a few thousand years ago. Depicted as a crude symbol, it would be used to indicate an absence. Nothing!

We see the emptiness, the formless void, and the things waiting in it to awaken again. They are cold and indifferent to human life and we are just play-things to them. Seeing how they subtly influence mankind in different ways, for example the murder ballad ‘Cold Black’ and the tale of the the grave robber in ‘The Resurrectionist’. They influence humans and humans in return worship death and through death the outer things are given power in this dimension.  This theme is expanded on in ‘Rot With Me’ which is about the dead rising and taking over.

The others are more direct, in that they describe what will happen once the forces of the beyond break through into our plane of existence. ‘When God Blinks’, ‘Enter Chaos’ and ‘Bleached Bone’ all illustrate the various Eldritch horrors awaiting mankind, while The Great Unclean is what becomes of humanity eventually as civilisation collapses and a new perversion of religion comes into being. Tying back into the worship of death and decay with the cycle of corruption being complete.

They were and are The First Nothing, the shapeless, twisted things lurking in the dark heart of the mind.

They are nameless, they are eternal!

The album consists of 7 tracks, produced, mixed, and mastered by Damian Buys.


1. The Great Unclean
2. Enter Chaos
3. Rot With Me
4. When God Blinks
5. Bleached Bone
6. The Resurrectionist
7. Cold Black

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Desmond Cook (Drums) Rhett Freeman (Vocals) Damian Buys (Guitar) Tim Botes (Bass)

Photo Nadia Smit


Having discovered a mutual love of Dark Fantasy, Cosmic and Eldritch horror, and of course sharing the same influences musically, encompassing a range of bands and genres from Death Metal, Groove Metal, Tech Death and many others, A Nameless Dread was formed. Having had the desire to create something new after leaving their previous bands, Rhett, Damian and Tim formed A Nameless Dread in early 2019. Des joined on drums shortly after, and the four were complete. The synergy and energy in the studio, practice space and stage was tangible. The main focus was to form a band where each member is fully involved in the band’s vision, and making the kind of extreme music that each one loves to play.

A Nameless Dread strives to make bone crushing extreme metal with substance and theatricality, both during their live performance, and in the studio. Dread aims to create something unique and haunting, something that lives in between the spaces of the normal, in the dark gaps of the imagination. A feeling the audience is fascinated and unsettled by at the same time. With Damian writing the riffs, Tim’s huge bass lines, Des’ crushing drumming and Rhett taking care of the lyrics, the band completed and launched their debut album The First Nothing in October 2020 to critical acclaim!

The first single off the album, Rot With Me, made its on air debut for France the Planet’s Southern African Metal Madness Week (August 2020) on Burg Studio’s Radio, accumulating the most votes for the week! The First Nothing was awarded the 14th slot on the World Of Metal Best Death Metal Albums of 2020 and represented South Africa at the World Of Metal First Online Festival in February 2021.