[LOCAL NEWS] Acid Magus unveil cathartic new single Demon Behemoth

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In the faint light that separates dreams from reality, lies from truth and heaven from hell, lives the Acid Magus. Meditating, surrounded by darkness and light, energizing the air with electric anticipation. Come forward and listen, stay awhile, there are no sins...

Acid Magus is an experimental rock outfit from Pretoria, South Africa. Doom, stoner, punk, psych, and classic rock are all common themes in their music. As huge fans of the rock greats (Zeppelin, Sabbath), stoner/desert rock behemoths (Kyuss, Sleep) as well as the tripped out psychedelic stylings of modern “psych” bands like Slift. Acid Magus take inspiration from all kinds of great music, spanning the entire gamut from 60s Hendrix and The Doors to Hawkwind and Scorpions at their heaviest, all this with maybe a little Alt Rock sensibility thrown in for good measure.

The band’s debut album Wyrd Syster was released in 2021 to widespread acclaim from fans and heavy music media with the likes of Metal Hammer calling it “Fuzzy psychedelic grooves from the mountains of Pretoria” and Outlaws of the Sun saying “Overall, Wyrd Syster is another album of the year contender and possibly one of the best debut records you’ll hear in 2021.”


2023 see Acid Magus returning as a 5 piece with a new vocalist and the addition of a second guitarist, as well as a brand-new album Hope Is Heavy, set for release later this year on Mongrel Records.

Demon Behemoth is the crushing first single from the forthcoming album. Guitarist and chief songwriter Keenan Kinnear explains, “Demon Behemoth is not only the first single but also the first track off our upcoming sophomore album, Hope is Heavy. The entire album is a concept dealing with me realizing how I am slowly becoming more cynical with age. Every song on the album, including Demon Behemoth, is a cross-section of my psyche, self-analyzed for the sake of solving the “great cynicism” I am experiencing at the moment and searching for the silver lining in what constantly seems to be an increasingly grim outlook.”


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With an uncompromising, DIY approach to writing, Acid Magus promises to offer up only the best, most impassioned musical works. Long, slow, heavy, soft, it’s all there, and it comes from the heart…

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