[LOCAL NEWS] Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace launch online shop and fundraiser

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Like so many bands across the world the Covid-19 pandemic has left South African blues infused hard rock unit Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace in a financial crisis. The band were 3 dates in on their debut European tour when things got serious, and they needed to leave Europe immediately or face the possibility of getting stuck there. This has left the band with a huge debt and no means of income for the foreseeable future. In an effort to try recoup some of their cash, they’ve just launched their own online store so fans can order merchandise directly from them. If you’re willing, you can also make a donation via their PayPal account to help cover their costs.


“So, things are a tad crazy in the world now. Strange times are afoot but in every tough situation, there is always hope and a silver lining. We are super excited to announce that our shop is now online and ready to roll. Get yourself some shirts, patches, stickers, albums and our limited edition Testify vinyl to soothe the quarantine blues and lockdown woes. We also have our Facebook set up and ready for goodies too. We know we are all going through tough times currently, but we believe in the African spirit of ubuntu and try supporting and helping where we can. Thanks as always for your support and love!! Keep Safe!!”  – Basson Laubscher


Watch Basson’s message here: https://youtu.be/eiBvqQmkGxM


Watch the video for Make It Right


Get your shirt, sticker, patch & Vinyl here www.bassonlaubscher.com


Due to lock down and transportation issues the band will be taking pre-orders and shipping will be done as soon as possible.

If you feel that you want to also support by giving a donation, donate via Paypal to violentfreepeace@gmail.com


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