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Possibly the biggest Hard Rock Band in South Africa right now FEAR OF FALLING is gearing up to take things to a blistering next level! The seasoned collected talents of guitarist Lloyd Timke, vocalist Jack Atlantic, bassist Brendon McCaig (You, Me and The Harmony) and drummer Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle) have been hard at work preparing their album called TURNING POINT that will be released on Friday 3 December

TURNING POINT follows hot on the heels of their debut EP BREAKING POINT (released May 2021) that received critical acclaim with the singles FEAR OF FALLING and WON’T LET GO featuring on stations like Kerrang Radio and spending several weeks on global charts like the Independent UK Music Charts, Banks Radio Australia, Total Rock Radio and the MIX FM SA Top 40

TURNING POINT is a commanding collective of Rock and Alternative tracks that look set to catapult this talented quartet to the biggest Rock Band in South Africa and beyond … look out Seether!

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Brendon McCaig (Bass)
Dale Schnettler (Drums)
Jack Atlantic (Vocals)
Lloyd Timke (Guitar)
Photo by Jerome van Zyl


Vocalist Jack Atlantic, shares that “Some days my only escape is to go for a DRIVE. Lately I feel my passion for life has FADED away, and that I’m slowly FALLING into a dark abyss I can’t get out of. But, still I will keep on fighting, and I WON’T LET GO in the hope that tomorrow’s SUNRISE will bring light to the dark corners of my soul. The world keeps BREAKING ME DOWN and their hearts are filled with HATE, and yet, I FAKE IT and put a smile upon my face. Is this how I will feel until the END OF DAYS? For now, I will keep on pushing through, until I finally meet my maker and go HOME.”