[LOCAL NEWS] Filthy Hippies Unveil Mesmerizing New Single and Video

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Prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey with Cape Town’s very own Psychedelic Shoegaze band Filthy Hippies as they announce the release of their latest sonic expiriment Good Time, out today on Mongrel Records. Infused with dreamy melodies and hypnotic visuals, the band’s newest single and music video promise to captivate audiences worldwide.

Good Time combines the band’s signature dreamy shoegaze sound with psychedelic elements, creating an otherworldly auditory experience. The band members draw inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds, infusing elements of ethereal shoegaze, swirling psychedelia, and haunting lyrics, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of sound that takes listeners on an introspective voyage.

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Click Here to Buy / Stream Good Time

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Filthy Hippies is a Cape Town-based Psychedelic Shoegaze band known for their mesmerizing soundscapes and immersive live performances. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of psychedelic music, the band has garnered a dedicated following, both locally and internationally, and continues to enchant audiences with their ethereal melodies and captivating visuals.


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