[LOCAL NEWS] HEADFURY debut single Monterrey

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Today sees the release of Monterrey the debut single from alternative melodic hard rock trinity HEADFURY. Taken from the bands forthcoming album A New World, set for release on the 6th November via Hopepunk Records, the single is a unique blend of hard-hitting riffage and melodic epic-ness.

““Monterrey is our debut single, an emotional yet uplifting rock anthem about escaping to a better place, getting away from the mundane, the limits and rules of modern society and the powers that try to control our lives. It’s a song about hope after struggle, relief after pain.” Comments Gideon Kretschmer (Vocals, Synths)

Completing the trio is drummer Wayne de Bruyn and guitarist/bassist Vince van der Walt, with their roots in Johannesburg, South Africa (Gideon is now based in Germany), their sound is a mix of infectious riffs, punchy drums and emotional melodic soundscapes that will get your mind thinking and your head bouncing.

The video, created by renowned South African creative director Bernard de Clerk, is a somewhat abstract yet compelling representation of the songs core message, creating interesting juxtapositions between the positive and negative forces in life, and our inherent drive to escape oppression and be truly free. At the same time, it allows the viewer to form their own interpretations and connections and is a fitting visual companion for both the songs’ energy, melody and meaning.

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Monterrey is available now on all digital streaming platforms

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