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ARTIST: Pyjama Planet
SINGLE NAME: Storm The Gates
RELEASE DATE: 5 February 2021

Cape Town based symphonic djent band, Pyjama Planet are set to release  a music video for the second single off their upcoming album titled,  ‘Madjenta’ set for release in a later part of 2021 . The video for the power driven single called, ‘Storm the Gates’ promises to deliver in explosive way parts of the project’s story of King Obdurance, his ability to live forever, his grief and how it changes him and makes him cruel along with the tale of the heroine Madjenta who seeks to storm his gates and end his reign of terror. The instrumental band draws inspiration from bands like Trivium and Persefone to deliver a robust performance. The epic tale is set to unfold on the 5th of February.

Watch the vide here



Mark Pyjama elaborates that:


“This song was first written as a demo in 2017, but then sat on a shelf, and was not listened to for years whilst I personally worked on the overall production sound for Madjenta. But, the time has come …


Obdurance, a King of the Old World, unwilling to change and adapt to the ways of Pyjama Planet, is possessed by an ancient evil and transformed into a monstrous, monolithic demon.

Once the King of Kings, the heart of all women, and the muscle of all men, King Obdurance was a force unlike any other in the realm. He was kind to the young and old, stern and encouraging to the rest, and led with vigour.

That was until he was ‘gifted’ the chance to live forever…

“Never show your true desire,” he would say to his followers. “Always keep your enemies guessing, and your loved ones curious.”

Sadly, the King’s only child was lured into a trap and killed by a gang of outland bandits when just a wee pup.

Such a cataclysmic event turned the King sour, and it was then that the forces of evil engulfed his sorrowful soul.

Angry at his loss, and lost from his anger, he was never the same. The years turned him into an actual monster; 20 feet tall, and skin with the texture of rock. His powers grew and he became more ferocious in his ruling.

For centuries, Obdurance ravaged the outskirts of Pyjama Planet, causing pain and harm to anything that lived.

At her wits end, Madjenta takes it upon herself with her band of followers to finally storm the gates of Obdurance’s stronghold, and finish him off once and for all.”