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Band: Deadline

Country: South Africa

Single Title: My Sweet Apocalypse

Label: Independent Bloodkrieg Records

Genre: New Wave of Old School Heavy Metal

Release Date: 10 March 2023

Band Members:

Vocals – Jessy Switchblade

Guitar – The Skullprit

Guitar – Judge Mental

Drums – Wrighteous Mike

Bass – Damian Dread

Good news everyone! South African heavy metal stalwarts Deadline is on a post-pandemic march towards their third full length album, Vitriol Inc. Having already released two singles (Cult of Prometheus and Monuments), the band released My Sweet Apocalypse today!

For the uninitiated, Deadline is 5 piece outfit from Pretoria that plays a brand of heavy metal that is heavily inspired by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NwoBHM) and Thrash Metal scenes from the 1980’s (One could also say they wear their inspiration on their battle jackets 😉 ). Think Iron Maiden blended with early Testament (The band’s name is taken from the song by the same name on Testament’s 1992 album, The Ritual) and you will get a general idea of the band’s sound.

However, from the two singles already released, they are definitely experimenting with their sound and their third single continues the trend. My Sweet Apocalypse departs in terms of tone and speed versus the two previous singles. The song feels like an Iron Maiden epic, starting slow, galloping to a mid-tempo at intervals before slowing down again for the conclusion.

The song clocks in over 7 minutes (the longest in the band’s history), which can be a bit of a gamble (ask modern day Iron Maiden), but the band utilizes the time well by incorporating a gratifying solo section in the middle and an earworm near the end. This would definitely make a great album closer and my guess would be that the song would be just that if it remains the longest song on the new album.

As a small easter egg, the cover for the single is a throwback to the album cover for Dark Throne’s Transilvanian Hunger, and the campiness continues with the horror-themed music video that will be released with the single. The band looks like they had a ball shooting it.

In conclusion, My Sweet Apocalypse represents the latest track in album that looks to set the South African metal scene on fire in 2023 (and hopefully break through internationally). The band is oozing a renewed urgency and energy (likely due, in part, to the infusion of new talent on the drums and bass), which will hopefully continue on the rest of the tracks of Vitriol Inc and beyond to the live shows that will surely follow.

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Rating – 8/10

Reviewed by Leon du Preez


The pioneers of the ‘New Wave of South African Heavy Metal’ are back yet again with the third single, and their Mega Metal Magnum Opus called ‘My Sweet Apocalypse’ from their upcoming 3rd album,’Vitriol Inc’

Frontman Jessy Switchblade shares that ‘My Sweet Apocalypse’ was “originally written by me in 2004, after a rather decadent weekend. I had Rammstein’s ‘Mutter’ as well as Metallica’s ‘Fade To Black’ on repeat. It is a song about imprisonment and the Stockholm Syndrome. I used the Gothic temptress as personification, as I have always enjoyed writing about mysterious Lilith type of figure, however the song can be about anything from substance abuse, straight through to being in love with an abusive, narcissistic partner. It highlights the agony and ecstasy of being gripped by the throes of obsession and addiction, whilst not being able to escape its clutches. It is most probably our most ambitious song to date, and definitely our longest. We debated for ages whether to release it as a single or not, however we felt that this quite possibly could be our magnum opus. so we thought we’d be bold and brazen to release it as the 3rd single from our upcoming ‘Vitriol Inc’ album.”

Deadline openly bow down to the memory of 80’s Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal and on occasion Sleaze Rock, as they march with intent and pride towards the release of their 3rd album, ‘Vitriol Inc’ that will undoubtedly be their most daring release yet.

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