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Band: Fear Of Falling

Album: Turning Point

Country: South Africa

Label: Independent

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Fear of Falling is a South African is a Super group  comprised of  Brendon Mcraig of You, Me and The Harmony fame as well as Dale Schnettler of Prime Circle fame, they are joined by Jack Atlantic and Lloyd Timke to make up the band’s lineup. The band was formed by Timke during the hard lockdown in South Africa.

Their EP Breaking Point was released early in 2021 and received internationally acclaimed.  Their debut album titled, Turning Point is a natural progression from the EP. The album often brings Seether to mind, and while there are obvious similarities between the two bands Fear of Falling do their best to set themselves apart. “Drive” is the perfect opening song for the LP with a catchy chorus and display of the Jack Atlantic’s gruff voice. “Faded” epitomizes 2000s Alternative Rock which is a recurring sound on the album. “Won’t let go” is what occurs when the recipe for a good rock song is followed without fault, “I won’t let go, I’m lost without you” goes the chorus of the international acclaimed song.  “Hate” and “Breaking Me Down “take on Hard Rock sound and develop an introduction to a heavier side of the album. This heavier side of Turning Point is comprised of “Fake It” and “End of Days” these two songs are the most aggressive on the album they contain aspects of Nu- Metal (although very subtly) and Hard Rock meshed together in ways that resemble parts of Papa Roach’s catalogue. The album closes with “Home” a ballad which laments difficulty in a relationship and an unwillingness to give up on that union successfully illustrates that the band is not a one trick pony. The project is incredibly well structured and progresses in a way that adequately prepares the listener for any sound and mood changes.

Vocalist Jack Atlantic describes the album’s concept,” Some days my only escape is to go for a drive. Lately my passion for life has faded away, and that I’m slowly falling into a dark abyss I can’t get out of. But, still I will keep on fighting, and I won’t let go in the hope that tomorrow’s sunrise will bring light to the dark corners of my soul. The world keeps breaking me down and their hearts are filled with hate, and yet, I fake it and put a smile upon my face. Is this how I will feel until the end of days? For now, I will keep on pushing through, until I finally meet my maker and go home.

 Fear Of Falling is made up of seasoned musicians; this is evident in the overall delivery of the album, whilst much of this project brings to mind many sub genres and reminds one of many big names, Fear Of Falling have been successful in creating an experience that is easy for listener’s to digest, is relatable clearly puts on display what the band has on offer.  They do adequate work in not completely sounding like previous projects they’ve participated in and for that reason alongside the quality of their music will be successful with relative ease.



Reviewed by Refiloe Mathelela