[LOCAL REVIEW] Jackson Colt – Strangers

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ARTIST: Jackson Colt
SINGLE: Strangers
RELEASED: Friday 24 March

Picture it! The Los Angeles Strip! 1982! The smell of hair spray, cigarettes and cheap whiskey is in the air. All around you the sound of leather on leather squeeks rhythmically to the beat of sweat flying through the club. Now, if that doesn’t get you hot, then maybe Jackson Colt isn’t for you – but for those yearning for a nostalgic taste of the burgeoning hair metal scene of the 80s with a modern twist – you need not look any further.

Jackson Colt is the essence of 80’s Rock reimagined. Catchy chorus hooks, melodic riffs and shredding solos that echo through from the golden age of the guitar hero. Raised on “Old School Rock”, Colt combines a retro-retake with a modern fresh sound that booms through the ages for all target markets.

Colt’s music has achieved great success within the Mix FM SA Top 40, with the single ‘Echoes’ reaching Number 1 for two consecutive weeks and number 2 for 3 weeks. Handpicked by Darren Scott, Colt was chosen to play at Darren’s Farewell Party and reached number 2 for the end of the year Top 40 of 2022.

These are all very impressive accolades that Colt has every intention of building on. Currently, he is working on a full-length debut album to be released in 2023. The 14-track album combines the Classic Rock sound with some modern influences and is being produced by Dale Schnettler of Prime Circle fame.

Check it out and let the rock take you on a journey.
Reviewed by Kevin Rule