[NEWS] EARTH SHIP release video for “A Handful Of Flies”

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Our friends at Pelagic Records have blessed our ear-holes with Berlin’s dynamic sludge trio, EARTH SHIP, who have just dropped a new video for “A Handful Of Flies”. This incredible track is taken from their upcoming album, “Resonant Sun”, which drops October 5th.

photo credit: Rick Zander


If these riffs don’t get your toes tapping or body moving, we’re not sure what will. Check out the video for “A Handful Of Flies” below for a sneak peak into the band’s life on tour.


Ever since their inception in 2010, Berlin 3-piece EARTH SHIP have built their reputation in the vast field of the stoner /doom / sludge as well as one of the most relentless and heavy-hitting live bands in the scene. With their thunderous blend of sludgy riffs, bluesy leads, virulent vocals and a massive dose of both groove and humour, vocalist Jan Oberg, his wife Sabine (bass) and Sebastian Grimberg (drums) have taken the band to a variety of festival stages.


After 3 albums on Pelagic Records, the band signed with NAPALM RECORDS for the release of 4th studio album “Hollowed” in 2016. But the alliance didn’t last long, and the band returned to Pelagic’s welcoming arms for album #5: “Resonant Sun”.


The band continues an evolution towards more stripped down arrangements and tunes that stun through simplicity and heaviness, an evolution that began with 2014’s “Withered” album. While the occasional clean vocals remind of TORCHE or ALICE IN CHAINS, Jan’s range stretches far out into the harsh spheres of bands like MANTAR or WEEDEATER.


The strikingly fat production of the album was done by the band leader himself, at his own HIDDEN PLANET STUDIOS in Berlin, where all EARTH SHIP albums to date were made.

“We’re not really keen to record with someone else or somewhere else“, bass player Sabine Oberg says.

“We’re just too comfy at our studio, which is also our home, and Jan knows what he wants and how to get there, straight to the point. Having someone else involved would just distract from the course, and make things more difficult“.


Resonant Sun will be released on October 5th, and is available for Pre-Order via this link: http://bit.ly/earthshipEU

The CD version comes with an exclusive bonus track, and a cover of “Children Of The

Revolution” by T-Rex will be available digitally only.