[INTERNATIONAL NEWS] Lyric Video Release from Herod

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“Silent Truth” is taken from Harod’s album Sombre Dessein which was released on the 15th February via Pelagic Records. Harod had this to say about their lyric video release: “Silent Truth” is the last video clip from Sombre Dessein to be released and it is the first “lyric video” for the band. We decided to make a lyric video for “Silent Truth” because it summarizes the concept of Sombre Dessein. Our Judaeo-Christian and thermo-industrial civilisation will eventually come to end and be replaced by another civilisation – It has always been on the cards. Our civilization has values no more. Civilisations have always been founded/established by the power and assistance of war. We live in a critical moment in history where only a few humans ready to die for their beliefs can put a powerful nation on their knees. Who would die today for a smartphone or a couch?! We are exhausted and immersed in our own inertia; we have nihilism but no fervour anymore.
Link to “Silent Truth” Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/EXWyATgfMV4

Link to order Sombre Dessein: http://bit.ly/herodEU 
Photography by: Shehnaz Khan