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South African-based Progressive-influenced Metalcore heavyweights Riddlebreak have spent much of the turbulent 2020 time to prepare a gargantuan EP for unleash onto the world on Friday 29 January 2021
Entitled Architeuthis – ärkə’t(y)üthəs\ meaning “Giant Squid”, this 4-track EP is rife with Iconography and symbolism of creatures greatly misunderstood in real life. By example, the Giant Squid is a creature found in many myths and legends that can grow up to a tremendous size and evoke fear in many. They were first mentioned by Aristotle, Pliny the Elder and others. There are many legends of this creature, such as in Norse mythology (The Kraken, a tentacled sea monster that would engulf and sink any ship). However, in reality, there have been very few sightings and no actual deaths due to the creature. It is analogous with how those who are different are often mistreated because of their outward appearances. In accordance with this theme, the cover art portrays this creature in an environment where they seem grotesque and out of place. 

Riddlebreak explores the monstrous within, but by understanding, accepting and embracing it, the monstrous can overcome it. Frank the bunny (our furry representative) is ever present. Maybe saving the day, or creating mischief (we’re never sure, he’s a sly one).
1. Allegiant (04:14)
The Hog (06:07)
A Momentary Brightness (03:00)
Eyes of the World Ender (05:49)
Lyrics & Music by Riddlebreak
Cover Art by Nathan Ferreira
Mix & Master by Clinton Watts – Watts Audio Recording Studio
Allegiant is a war cry for unity … a call for all those who see themselves as different, unique and alone to come together as one. Also heavily inspired by Vocalist Jade Osner’s love of the Warhammer 40k Universe.

The Hog was Lead Guitarist Julian Vosloo’s idea to write a dark and brutal song describing unparalleled anger and fury of his adorable pet hedgehogs. The main ideas behind the lyrics are that looks can be deceiving, and we all have the potential of a “hog” inside of us. The potential for greatness and the drive to conquer whatever it is we set out to do.

A Momentary Brightness depicts a grim and not-so-distant future where humanity will have little precious resources left. An overcrowded civilization living on a ruined planet with nothing to eat, but the one thing in abundance … other people. This song utters a dark foreboding of what may happen if humanity as a whole continues down the path it has currently chosen, where the value of life, all life, gives way to greed!

Eyes Of The World Ender was originally written about a recurring nightmare Vocalist Jade Osner used to have. Describing each element and trying to find meaning in everything he saw. During the writing process Jade found his own meaning. It’s all about the harsh realities of love, and being in love, that no one really wants to admit to. How the ones we love can bring out the best in us, but it’s often those that we care about the most that bring out the absolute worst in us too. It can cause great pain and self doubt that can fundamentally change who we are and what we become!


Laura Atkinson (Violin) Julian Vosloo (Lead Guitar) Jade Osner (Vocals) Gordon Bosma (Drums) Roushan van Niekerk (Bass) & Gareth Reed (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Photo: David Devo Oosthuizen

Riddlebreak calls the dark void somewhere between Pretoria and Johannesburg (South Africa) their home. Since its original inception ten years ago, it has taken four member changes as well as two shifts in musical orbit to bring this current collective of weirdos together – and they have been inseparable since. Over the last 7 years they have snowballed to break minds, sub-genres and necks. It is difficult to put Riddlebreak in a box because the sound of an injured bear hurtling through space is not considered a genre in most circles.

Since its birth, the music has forged a trajectory within metal, remaining close to its progressive and metalcore neighbours. They draw inspiration from many curiosities, from hedgehogs to collapsing stars – always searching and exploring. Riddlebreak tests constructs, whether it be society, gender stereotypes, gravity or what constitutes the perfect potato salad. Their ever-contrasting ideas and sounds make Riddlebreak difficult to compartmentalise but impossible to ignore!