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You know Riddlebreak. Even if you don’t, you do! They’re that progressive metalcore sextet out of Johannesburg that has been tearing up stages across SA for the past 10-odd years (in various forms) with their high-energy performances and groovy goodness. Their music speaks for itself in all its complexities and beauties, which is also a reflection on who they are as people – genuine.

For the past few weeks this brutally joyful group of ruffians have been teasing the release of their new single ‘The Hog’, and it is finally hear. As vocalist Jade Osner snorts, “the song is about the hedgehog – a tiny unassuming creature that is the embodiment of purest rage and destruction. Everybody, despite appearance, personality and what people assume they are capable of, has the potential to do astonishing and amazing things. All they need do is look deep inside themselves and channel their own inner ‘Hog’.”


Take a listen, you will not be disappointed. The track fully embraces all their quirks and is an incredible journey from start to finish. Go on….unleash your inner hog.
By Kevin Rule