Robyn Ferguson feat Kat Goss – Purgatory – REVIEW

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ARTIST: Robyn Fergusen feat Kat Goss
SINGLE NAME: Purgatory
RELEASE DATE: 29 April 2021
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Cape Town
GENRE: Prog-Rock

South Africa’s guitar “prog-eny” Robyn Fergusen has been a very busy young lady. Having recently wowed SABC 3’s hugely popular morning show “Expresso” with special guest Kat Goss, the duo have now now unleashed a full brand new song. We listened, we loved it, we wrote about it.

Starting off with an almost horror movie inspired tension builder of dissonant pianos, delayed guitars and sound fx, “Purgatory” sets an ominous tone – one that is not by accident. Says Robyn, “When those who are doing wrong are allowed to do so freely, then we all will continue to live through purgatory, disguised as the normal. The horrifying reality of the world is easily disguised as a carnival. Those who remain on the carousel will forever be in a loop, and those who disembark will find their way through the rides until eventually, there is silence.”

When the song kicks in with Kat’s soothing harmonies, the vibe of the song takes a slight turn towards the positive, while retaining a dark underbelly that keeps the listener engaged trying to pinpoint all the subtleties buried in this auric cacophony.

I must say this is definitely one of the singles of the year for me. It does just enough to quietly satisfy my yearning for fresh music, while also leaving me salivating for more beautifully dark interpretations of this world that has been beaten to its core by the pandemic.