[SINGLE REVIEW] Treehouse Burning – Øphex

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Nathan Schacht – Vocals

Jesse Kuhn – Vocals / Guitar

Gareth Ashton – Guitar

Richard James Poultney – Bass

Josh Haller – Drums


Release date: 19/10/2018



Treehouse Burning are an electronic-imbued metalcore quintet from Cape Town, South Africa. Taking over the scene, since 2016, THB have been essentially rising to the top of what our local community has to offer, and they show no sign of stopping – gaining a notable international following to boot.


A few months have passed since releasing the crushing industrial-influenced track “Seven”, and just shy of the one-year anniversary of their debut release “Overdose”, Treehouse Burning are ready to showcase their latest offering, Øphex.

Those fortunate enough to have attended Krank’d Up Music Festival 2018 Ft Miss May I & SikTh would have gotten a taste of Øphex, exhibiting for the first time, at what was the bands debut show in Gauteng.


The Metalist is instantly drawn into the signature driving synth smasher that is Øphex, presenting what The Metalist would equate the influential blending of the iconic Sempiternal era Bring Me The Horizon, The Browning and new-age ‘Erase Me’ Underoath, Øphex presents itself as a cohesive and anthem-worthy melodic-yet-heavy Treehouse Burning track.


Never failing to present a refreshed version of themselves every release, THB sustain unrelenting brutality, whilst showcasing their cascading and hypnotic synths, coupled with harmonious riffs, the Metalist once again is getting to hear an entirely fresh side of the band.


Tapping our foot away and bopping in our seat, The Metalist notes that not only has there been a progression in sound, but also progression in the musical prowess of the band itself, more technical sounding and mature, Øphex is Treehouse Burning ascending into their own and finding the comfortability to explore outside of any genre label.


You can find Treehouse Burning’s music up on all popular music platforms, and you can catch them on the sold out Our Last Night tour presented by Jam Packed Productions next month!