[Song Review] Abraham ‘Silent at Last’

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[Song Review] Abraham ‘Silent at Last’


ARTIST: Abraham
ALBUM NAME: ‘Look, Here Comes The Dark’
RELEASE DATE: March 2018
CITY: Lausanne, CH
GENRE: Post Hardcore / Metal / Rock
Schlagmeister – Vocals / Drums
Jakkob Wierdmann – Guitars
Mat Axwielder – Guitar
Verde DiCabillo – Bass
Renzo Tornado Especial – Vox, keys

‘Look, Here Comes The Dark’, is not only the album name, but quite the fitting description for the song entitled ‘Silent at Last’.

Having a very dark, sinister, almost “suffocating” feel to the music, this song depicts a slow paced story of the suffering of mankind and of life itself. It leaves one with the impression of struggling to breathe, holding on with every last limb and a struggle to fight back.

Giving off an almost trance like feel, this song creates a calm melody with its guitars, bass and chant like, deep vocal screams and growls. This paired with the consistency of the drum beats make this a must listen!

End of times, the disappearance of all life from earth is told through the music without fail. Humankind now hunted and consumed by the nature they very well destroyed. In this haunting video humankind is conveyed as the animal being hunted rather than being the hunter. The hunter has become the hunted. The collaboration between the visual and the music was excellently done to convey the true story behind the music.

The album ‘Look, Here Comes The Dark” will be available from Pelagic Records on the 11th of May 2018. A double record with almost two full hours of music, a must have for those of us that enjoy the heavier side of music.

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Watch the music video here: https://youtu.be/3d6Etcxr9xA


Reviewed by: Seiran Evanora Laveau

Shots supplied by: Abraham

Date: 22 March 2018

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