[SINGLE REVIEW] Monstroid – Shadow Beast

ARTIST: Monstroid
SINGLE TITLE: Shadow Beast
RELEASE DATE: 13 November 2020
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Cape Town
GENRE: Desert Rock/Stoner Metal


Wayne Hendrikz (Vocals and Guitar)
Andrew Pullen (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Larry Leyden (Bass and Backing Vocals)
Steven Jacobson (Drums)


It looks like I had a date with memory lane the instant I hit the play button on Shadow Beast by Cape Town stoner/desert rockers Monstroid.

The opening groove laden bass first transported me to when I used to listen to The Doors in high school, it has the same “trippy” 1960’s, 70’s vibe. Then as the song progresses I am transported back to the days of grunge, which I believe later became better known stoner/desert rock/metal.

The vocals almost instantly reminded me of Alice in Chains meets Queens of the Stone age. The 1990’s grunge scene was indeed an exciting and fascinating time for music, and that is why I appreciated this trip down memory lane a lot.The visuals and lyrics for the music video I found very interesting too, as I used to watch MTV music videos as a kid, and this also reminded me of that. I believe people born in the 1970’swould really appreciate the visuals, as it portrays a very old 1980’s hero, that I only watched the cartoons of.After that being said, I still believe that Monstroid will reside with today’s youth and older generation at the same time, and not many bands are capable of that these days. They take you on a journey to your past, yet they bring something fresh and unique to the table. Just imagine you are driving a long desert road, then I suggest you pop in some Monstroid and relax.


Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Amanda Els


Their new music video Shadow Beast is out today which is taken from their upcoming album Set 2 – Burnt Sky.