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ARTIST: Robyn Ferguson

ALBUM/ SONG NAME: Grey (from the Album Triptych)

RELEASE DATE: 16 February 2021

COUNTRY: South Africa

CITY: Cape Town

GENRE: Instrumental Prog



  • Robyn Ferguson – Guitar

Prog Prodigy Robyn Ferguson is back at it again with another amazing single that was released today – ON HER BIRTHDAY – Happy Birthday to Robyn from the Metalist team, we wish you many more and a super rad 2021!

Now let’s get in to the review!

Following her goal of releasing 3 EP’s in 12 months – Robyn is back with a new single “Grey” from her upcoming album Triptych.

“Grey” is by far one of the most beautiful instrumental songs I’ve heard in a while, I’ve actually been jamming this whole album while I am gaming and it really is a fantastic soundtrack – it makes me feel as if I am embarking on a long a treacherous quest to find something important, an epic journey across land, sea and maybe even air – who knows! – the song feels as if the magic and possibilities are endless on the journey I am going on and I adore it so much.

I suppose I can also equate the feeling it gives me to that of when you have been climbing up a mountain with the top being out of sight, but suddenly, as you step up one last time, you are hit with a gush of fresh wind and a birds eye view of what looks like the whole world – an incredible climax to a grueling and difficult climb.

I feel the message Robyn is putting across to us, hyperboles aside – the song itself feels like a journey, and once it’s over, you want to do it again

And again

And again and again xD

Robyn is an incredible artist, her riffs soothe my soul in a way that I didn’t even think was possible, a standing ovation from me in my living room!

⭕️  STREAM GREY > tinyurl.com/get-grey

RATING: 8.5/10

REVIEWED BY: Claire Joanna Fuller

PHOTOGRAPHY/ARTWORK BY: Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Agency – South Africa