[Song Review] Treehouse Burning ‘ Seven (FT Christian Grey, of Villain of the Story) ‘

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[Song Review] Treehouse Burning ‘ Seven (FT Christian Grey, of Villain of the Story) ‘


ARTIST: Treehouse Burning
SONG NAME: ‘Seven (FT Christian Grey, of Villain of the Story) ‘
RELEASE DATE: 13 April 2018
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Cape Town
GENRE:  Metal-core
Nathan Schacht – Vocals
Jesse Kuhn – Vocals / Guitar
Gareth Ashton – Guitar
Richard James Poultney – Bass
Josh Haller – Drums

Hot off the trail of their recent EP, “Overdose” – which came out in October 2017, Treehouse Burning have been working relentlessly at getting their brand out into the local and international scene. The Cape Town based synth-imbued metalcore quintet went straight back to writing after the success of their EP.

Garnering a good amount of local support after their debut show at Metal4Africa’s Summerfest, Treehouse Burning remain hungry for more, and it is evident in their latest offering “Seven” which undertakes another successful feature, this time with Christian Grey of Minneapolis’ own Villain of the Story. The track is due to be released on the 13th of April.

THB jump straight into “Seven” as their now signature synths seem to take a more prominent role, and act as a driving force for the rest of the band to follow suit, at this point they are a well-oiled machine which are not to be reckoned with. Otherworldly tones embody THB as instrumentals take flight, we can hear the advance in THB’s sound – the instrumentals and synth work off each other stunningly.

Guitarists Kuhn, Poultney, and Ashton pummel ahead with a ferocity that has us headbanging in our seat, as Haller slashes and beats away at the kit, Schacht’s familiar brutal vocals take a turn in the track as the gents from Cape Town show off their genre-mashing ability, by incorporating a Manson-like industrial sound that is something unheard of in their previous works, but not before introducing Grey’s gruelling contribution to the fracas. Due to their impressive track record of guest features, it comes as no surprise how it complements the track, and the band in their entirety.

The band show a proficiency in their now mastered craft, that leaves us sitting back in awe and admiration for what has already been achieved by the Capetonians, and what is still to come.

Be sure to pick up their works on all major platforms, support local music and keep your eyes ever watchful on Treehouse Burning, as they firmly take hold of South Africa in their palms.



Reviewed by: Cayden Nel

Shots supplied by: TreeHouse Burning

Date: April 2018


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