How often do you get the opportunity to combine your favourite music with an educational cinema experience?

Sure, we all love buying those live tour DVD’s or streaming mini-documentaries, but how many of you watch those with your friends?


Sound On Screen is giving Capetonian’s the opportunity to catch a truly unique experience by providing some amazing Alternative music content on the silver screen this August.


The Sound On Screen Music Film Festival will run across 26 – 28 August at the Labia Theatre (68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town) and if successful, will move up for a Johannesburg screening too.


The Metal, Punk, Alternative and local content at the festival include:


PLACEBO: Alt.Russia
(African premiere)
FRIDAY 26 AUGUST, 8:30pm

As the band Placebo approach their 20th Anniversary they were given a unique opportunity to play ten cities throughout Russia. In a time when Russia was at the forefront of the world’s current affairs, little was actually reported outside Russia about the internal culture of the country.

Fronted by Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal, the film explores the alternative cultures that are present within Russia’s major cities. As the tour travelled through the country the band went out and met various artists, architects, animators and musicians, finding out about the alternative creative culture and celebrating all they have to offer.

From Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea, Placebo: Alt.Russia takes you on the band’s journey through Russia, meeting great characters on the way, investigating the alternative culture in Russia, and taking in the raw emotions of Placebo’s powerful concerts.




1984 RIDING INTO HELL  1984_RidingIntoHell_a
(African premiere)

George Orwell may have predicted that in 1984 the world would be a colorless place where humans relentlessly bowed down to big brother, but 1984 Riding Into Hell reflects a brave new world, one of loud rock & roll and excess.

Before Metallica became a household name, thousands of Hard Rock / Metal bands in as many towns across America dreamed of Rock stardom, but not everyone can make it.  One of these bands was Forcer.  This documentary takes you through their rise and fall in the fight for fame and fortune, but what makes this even more enlightening is the inclusion of news- and history making events, from the Reagan election, Cold War, introduction of the Apple Macintosh and Paul McCartney being bust for marijuana possession, to Richard Branson launching Virgin Airlines, the Union Carbide chemical disaster in India, Atari video games and classic TV ads from the era.

Forcer’s story is told by the band’s manager with archive footage and new interviews with band members, crew, fans and diehard Rock / Metal fans, from the parties and head-butting personalities to the chase for that ever elusive record deal.

This is both entertaining and informative for those finding themselves in bands or those who merely love that thing called Rock.

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(African premiere)

Fat Wreck Chords… The influential music label proud to say they’ve spent the past 25 years “ruining punk rock”.  A Fat Wreck tells the story of founders Fat Mike (of the legendary punk band NOFX) and his ex-wife Erin Kelly-Burkett, spanning the birth, growth, struggles, and survival of the Fat Wreck Chords label, with bands like Anti-Flag, Rancid, Rise Against, Sick Of It All, The Ataris, Lagwagon, Less Than Jake, Descendents, Against Me!, Masked Intruder, MxPx, Nerf Herder, No Use For A Name, Propagandhi, Subhumans, Tilt, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, The Flatliners, Face To Face, Get Dead, Mad Caddies, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, None More Black, Morning Glory, Snuff, Star Fucking Hipsters, Randy, C.J. Ramone, Strung Out and loads more.

Half inspirational story of chosen family and community, half debauchery and occasionally involuntary drug use… Features interviews and music from many the folks running this unconventional label and the bands they released.

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(Cape Town premiere)

In late-1970s South Africa, there was a song on the radio about a spaceman called ZX Dan. It was by Radio Rats, a noisy little band from Springs, near Johannesburg. That song and hundreds
more songwriter Jonathan Handley has penned since then remain an important part of South Africa’s musical landscape.

They influenced James Phillips (aka Bernoldus Niemand) who went on to initiate the alternative Afrikaans music scene of the mid-‘80s, the Voëlvry “movement”.  Jiving and Dying is an attempt to afford the Rats the place they deserve in the history of independent rock ’n’ roll in South Africa.

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(African premiere)
SUNDAY 28 AUGUST, 6:15pm

BLACKHEARTS is an award winning documentary looking at the notorious Norwegian black metal music scene – but from a striking new angle. It travels to South America, Europe and the Middle East to follow three black metal diehards who hail from extreme religious and political backgrounds. It will have its African premiere at SoS.

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SPRINGBOK NUDE GIRLS springbok_nude_girls_a
SUNDAY 28 AUGUST, 8:30pm 

A new documentary on the rise of this groundbreaking SA rock band.

Through a series of serendipitous events in the early 90’s in the small wine making town of Stellenbosch, Arno Carstens, Theo Crous, Adriaan Brand, Arno Blumer and Francois Kruger became The Springbok Nude Girls. Little did they know that they would go on to become one of the most loved rock bands South Africa has ever seen, known for their high energy stage antics and unique musical sound which combines Punk, Reggae, Scat, Metal, Funk and Jazz.

Expect a live unplugged opener by members of Springbok Nude Girls & attending filmmaker introduction)

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Article by: Sammy SF (more from Sammy)

Date: 17 August 2016

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