South African Psychedelic Progressive Doom Band Acid Magus Unveils Highly Anticipated Album Hope Is Heavy

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Acid Magus, the trailblazing South African Psychedelic Progressive Doom ensemble,

releases their much-awaited album, Hope Is Heavy out now on Mongrel Records. This

boundary-pushing opus promises to challenge musical norms and elevate the listener

experience to new dimensions.

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal realms of psychedelia, the intricate tapestry of

progressive rock, and the weighty allure of doom metal, Acid Magus has crafted a

mesmerizing sonic mosaic that defies conventions. With their transcendent soundscapes

and innovative compositions, they have garnered the attention and accolades of

heavyweight music media, setting the stage for a monumental release.

From the very first note, Hope Is Heavy immerses the audience in a captivating auditory

cosmos. Each track is a sonic voyage, intricately woven with layers of mind-bending riffs,

entrancing rhythms, and otherworldly vocals. The album seamless transitions between

genres create a mesmerizing ebb and flow that holds the listener in a trance-like grip.

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Critics and reviewers from renowned music publications have already heaped praise upon

the band's new masterpiece:

The future is bright for these bruisers. – 8/10 Metal Hammer

The six tracks that make up Hope Is Heavy are a thoroughly immersive experience.

– 7/10 Classic Rock Magazine

 Acid Magus are an exciting prospect in the global doom, heavy psych and stoner

scenes and Hope Is Heavy is a tremendous sophomore effort that is sure to pull in a

host of new fans. Poignant, powerful, and captivating, it is an excellent album to get

lost in and ponder your own existence." – 9/10 Distorted Sound Magazine

Featuring 6 tracks, Hope Is Heavy explores themes of existentialism, introspection, and the

human condition. The band poetic lyrics delve into profound and introspective territories,

inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own psyche.

“As time passed and I grew older, I found myself becoming depressed for no reason other

than for the fact that I was becoming a bitter cynic. ‘Hope is Heavy’ is me trying to find that

elusive light at the end of the ever present, gloomy tunnel.” – Keenan Kinnear,


Acid Magus invites you to join them on this extraordinary odyssey through sound and

emotion. Brace yourselves for an auditory adventure like no other as Hope Is Heavy

redefines the boundaries of musical exploration.

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