South African rockers Betty’s Nuklear share the video for debut single.

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Delivering roaring riff heavy rock, Bleeding the Summer is the scorching debut single from
South African band Betty’s Nuklear. This song sounds like the birth of a new superpower,
commanding melodies belted into your ears with a husky gritty voice. Relentless guitars

provide a rich bed for these vocals to bounce off.


Established in 2021, the guys deliver groovy alternative desert rock, packed with super
intergalactic power, wrapping their music in imagination and abstract emotion. The line-up
includes Chad Abnett (Lead Vocals), Dean Clarke (Guitar), Shane Carew (Drums), Anthonie

Botha (Bass).

Betty’s Nuklear invite you to witness the birth

Watch the video

The video, which was directed and produced by Stefan Klopper & Cara Botha from Garden
Route Media is set in a world where most people have left, slowly seared away by the sun.

Bettys Nuklear detect a life presence – they have come to collect.


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