MEMBER: Russell Gainsford


EXPERTISE: Journalism/YouTubing/Podcasting


AREA: Ekurhuleni (South Africa)



Russell has always been a nerdy kid for as long as he can remember and is constantly finding himself drawn to the realms of music and pop culture: specifically anime, comic books, video games, and, most importantly, metal music. From a young age he has dedicated his life to the arts whether it’s through writing, drawing, or making content for his YouTube channel under the name AnimetalViking. Russell has a creative mind and prefers to view the music he listens to as scores for film or animation. Hence why he prefers to use his skills and experience in YouTube and as a gonzo journalist to target readers on an emotional and spiritual level in order to offer a unique perspective on the artists he enjoys. While he listens to a variety of musical genres, metal has always been the one genre he always comes back to and is at the core of his being. He has a taste for not just the heavy, but, the cinematic and the more epic, dramatic. The more over the top the sound, the better. He enjoys everything from j-pop to new age, but, when it comes to metal he is mostly a fan of genres like deathcore, black metal, death metal, and melodic death metal, and power metal.


Favourite International Bands:

SepticfFlesh, Sabaton, Aara, Brand Of Sacrifice, Carnifex, Equilibrium, In
Flames, Scar Symmetry, Emperor, Carach Angren, Sonata Arctica, Powerwolf, Twilight Force, Devin Townsend Project, Follow The Cipher, Beast In Black, Lorna Shore, Fear Factory, Nightwish, Blood Stain Child, Darkthrone, Batushka, Anaal Nathrakh.


Favourite Local Bands:

Vulvodynia, Chromium, Creating The Godform