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 ARTIST: TesseracT
 ALBUM NAME: Altered State
 COUNTRY: England
 GENRE: Progressive metal
Alec “Acle” Kahney – lead guitar
Jay Postones – drums, percussion 
James ‘Metal’ Monteith – rhythm guitar 
Amos Williams – bass, growls, backing vocals 
Ashe O’Hara – lead vocals 


If Tesseract’s debut album ‘One’ put this UK-based progressive-metal band on the map, ‘Altered State’ broke them through the earthly plane and out into the metaphysical. This album is truly a sonic experience the likes of which I had not heard in a very long time. With original vocalist Dan Tompkins and replacement Elliot Coleman now both out of the picture, the limitless voice of Ashe O’Hara was called upon to help Tesseract lose some of the aggression they had before (read: no more screams) but retain that ethereal majesty that form the majority of the band’s core sound – something he managed to achieve with magnificence and grace. How do I even begin to describe this album? I would liken it to the most delicious slab of chocolate ever created that had four individual sections – meaning that each piece is a part of the whole goodness. That analogy would pertain to the four parts of this album: Of Matter, Of Mind, Of Reality and Of Energy, and in each of those pieces are delicious morsel of different flavours – perhaps peppermint or caramel, or even almond and salt, whatever your taste buds desire the music translates into bouts of yumminess in your soul.




Ultimately, ‘Altered State’ is one slab of chocolate, but each piece and morsel combine creatively to be the sum of the whole. Truly a genius album that has many standout tracks which makes it difficult to really single out a favourite. Hell, even Machine Head’s Rob Flynn had this in his top 10 of 2013/14. As good as One and Perception are, this is the essential Tesseract album to have in your collection.



Reviewed by: Kevin Rule (more from Kev)

Date: 21 March 2017


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