In just over a month, Turning Tricks entertainment are bringing out the godfathers of prog, TesseracT for their very first South African Tour!

In honour of this amazing opportunity, we will be dedicating every Tuesday to promoting Tesseract’s music, in order to show everyone why they should be buying tickets!

This will include showcasing their music, album reviews for all of their releases as well as an interview with the band themselves.
So keep an eye out!

 ARTIST: TesseracT
 COUNTRY: England
 GENRE: Progressive metal
Alec “Acle” Kahney – lead guitar
Jay Postones – drums, percussion 
James ‘Metal’ Monteith – rhythm guitar 
Amos Williams – bass, growls, backing vocals 
Daniel Tompkins – lead vocals 



One’ is TesseracT‘s debut studio album that was released in 2011 which features eleven tracks. Track three of this album,  ‘Concealing Fate’ was originally their debut EP released in 2010, which is an immensely long song split into six parts, that seamlessly merged into one.  Tesseract is undoubtedly known for their preeminent musicianship with fascinating melodies, vocals, polyrhythmic riffs, deviant time signatures and astounding performance.I often find myself lost for words while listening to Tesseract; they never cease to lose their novelty and there is always a little reward within the intricacy of their music to behold once more. TesseracT and their music put you in another place, another realm and another dimension while they offer a clean yet heavy sound. TesseracT are known to be a Progressive metal band, yet they exceed this label on so many levels. ‘One’ is an album that pushes the boundaries from originality to production to performance. There is this perfect balance of heavy and clean leads, groovy and intricate guitaring that contrast so well together. Dan Tompkins has a voice that can range from beautifully sung clean vocals, to a heavier and more dramatic edge, bringing in a different emotion and sentiment throughout each song. The lyrics throughout the album are poetic profound and existential, leaving you captivated. Acle and James work together creating fascinating and beautiful arpeggios, as well as ferocious distortion chords and all round groovy tones while harmonizing with Amos and Jay on the bass on drums. As a whole, the band forges an unstoppable dynamism and passion.




‘One’ definitely set the bar and paved an extraordinary foundation for their for their future albums: Perspective EP (2011–2012), Altered State (2012–2014), Odyssey/Scala and Polaris (2014–present). This album leaves you with an urge to hit repeat, again and again. It is majestic from start to finish, so for those looking to listen to something mouthwateringly groovy and glorious then this is the album for you.



Reviewed by: Geevbot (more from Givi)

Date: 07 March 2017


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