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 ARTIST: TesseracT
 ALBUM NAME: Perspective
 COUNTRY: England
 GENRE: Progressive metal
Alec “Acle” Kahney – lead guitar
Jay Postones – drums, percussion 
James ‘Metal’ Monteith – rhythm guitar 
Amos Williams – bass, growls, backing vocals 
Elliot Coleman – lead vocals 


After the release of Tesseract’s  critically acclaimed debut album, One, rumours started to circulate that vocalist Dan Tompkins had left the band. Sadly, much to an overwhelming sadness felt around the internet, the rumours were confirmed when the band were seen performing with a different vocalist in the form of Elliot Coleman. Even though his time with the band was short-lived – he ended up departing ways with the band just a few months later – he was able to provide vocals to One’s follow up EP, Perspective. The release is a collection of acoustic re-imaginings of select tracks from the debut album as well as a Jeff Buckley cover in Dream Brother. I have to say that, while Elliot is a great vocalist, something just didn’t sit well with my ears on this release. Perhaps it is because I had become accustomed to Dan’s vocals and Elliot was simply mirroring what Dan had done before. Perhaps, if Tesseract had done a few originals with Coleman he would really have had a chance to shine, but alas, that was never meant to be..Having said that, the tracks on this EP are refreshing and manage to retain the epic feel of the originals – specifically April and Eden (redubbed Eden 2.0 for this release).




What ‘Perspective’ proves is that Tesseract are incredibly versatile musicians and their songs have a timeless feel no matter what style they are attempting. A must have for any Tesseract fan’s collection. 



Reviewed by: Kevin Rule (more from Kev)

Date: 14 March 2017


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