In just over a month, Turning Tricks entertainment are bringing out the godfathers of prog, TesseracT for their very first South African Tour!

In honour of this amazing opportunity, we will be dedicating every Tuesday to promoting Tesseract’s music, in order to show everyone why they should be buying tickets!

This will include showcasing their music, album reviews for all of their releases as well as an interview with the band themselves.
So keep an eye out!

 ARTIST: TesseracT
 COUNTRY: England
 GENRE: Progressive metal

Dan Tompkins – Vocals

Acle Kahney – Guitar

Jay Postones – Drums

James Monteith – Guitar

Amos Williams – Bass


The world needed a re-introduction to Tesseract’s former vocslisdt Dan Tompkins when he rejoined the band in 2014 after having left in 2011, and what better way to do that but release a live DVD/CD to reassure fans ahead of a much anticipated new album that the man who had helped cement this band on the metal map was well and truly back. Just like fans had to adjust to Ashe O’Hara singing the great songs that Tompkins had laid down, now fans had to get used to Dan belting out songs that had just made their way into the hearts of all Tesseract fans, and what a great way to open the set on this live show than opening with Singularity off the album Altered State. With that groundwork set, and the reassurance that Dan was able to adapt Ashe’s vocals and make it his own, the band is able to then tear into fan favourites from the album One – and from that moment Tompkins had laid to rest any doubt to fans that he was back, ready, willing and able.  This DVD was shot at one of London’s most prestigious venues The Scala on Nov 6, 2014; a perfect and intimate setting for fans to be up close and fully appreciate the incredible show that this band puts on. Tesseract’s set rips through most of the Concealing Fate chapters before delving into the Of Matter parts of Altered State (again allowing us to appreciate Dan’s take on Ashe’s vocals) as well as my personal favourite Nocturne, and then finally ending off with the first chapter of Concealing Fate much to the eager attendees delight. As you would expect, the performance from these five individuals combine to make one aural assault in flawless cohesion.This release also came with a CD that has live recordings of each of the songs on the DVD set, but recorded in a different city throughout Europe. A fantastic extra for fans.




I’m sure many people watch live DVDs and think that any issues are covered up in post-production, but as someone who has seen TesseracT live I can assure you that their live show is accurate, incredible and inspiring.

Don’t miss out on their tour to South Africa.



Reviewed by: Kevin Rule (more from Kev)

Date: 11 April 2017


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