Thrash Titans Truth Decayed unleash their anticipated second chapter of ‘Faded Visions’

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South African Thrash Titans Truth Decayed unleash their anticipated second chapter of ‘Faded Visions’ on Friday 7 July (produced by Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia). After the stout impetus and triumph of ‘Faded Visions I’ in 2022, the KZN-based quartet is primed and set to elevate things to a blistering next level!



Format: Album

Artist: Truth Decayed

Title: Faded Visions II

Original Composition

Clean Lyrics

Language: English

Country: South Africa

Genre: Thrash Metal

UPC 197744148386

Publisher: Independent

Label: Howling Rush Records

Release Date: Friday 7 July

Recorded At: Vision Studios

Mixed And Mastered By: Kris Xenopoulos

Produced By: Daniel Philogene

Authors: Warren Jones & Ryno Theron (Narcissist)

Composer: Truth Decayed

Performer: Truth Decayed

Ryno Theron (Vocals & Guitar)

Warren Jones (Guitar)

Daniel Philogene (Drums)

Renz Kruger (Bass)

Track Listing:

1. A Separate Reality (ISRC QZHNB2365556)

2. Death By Design (ISRC QZHNB2365557)

3. Vicious Circles ft Ebony Aberdein from Theatre Runs Red (ISRC QZHNB2365558)

4. Narcissist (ISRC QZHNB2365559)

Available on all streaming platforms @Truth Decayed 7 July 2023

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Facebook @truthdecayed

Instagram @truth_decayed

YouTube @truthdecayed


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Ryno Theron (Vocals & Guitar) feels that “Faded Visions II is the most collaborative EP we’ve worked on to date. With big contributions from all the members making for a fuller sound that still represents Truth Decayed, but in a bigger way. The songs on this second installment I are more personal this time around, as opposed to where we wrote more from a commentary standpoint. I feel this is our best work to date, and the feedback from our first single Death By Design seems to validate that so far. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the EP just as much, or even more!”

Renz Kruger (Bass) shares that “Faded Visions II has phenomenal, hard-hitting powerful punching tunes, guaranteed to get your head into heavy headbanging mode. We worked hard to design each song to be as pleasing to your ears as possible, and get you pumped at the same time!”

Warren Jones (Guitar) adds that “These songs came from a place of personal development and experiences and lean towards something that all of us experience on a day-to-day basis. It was also great working with this solid lineup. During recording sessions and playing live we enjoyed each other’s company. Each of us brought great valued input to creating these new tracks!”

Separate Reality’ is about life experiences, from drug and alcohol using or even an embarrassing situation can leave one in a place where you can’t escape from. You stuck in your mind and in that experience until dealt with or wears off.

Death By Design’ captures the sound of Truth Decayed’s most solid and cohesive lineup to date. It has become somewhat of an anthem at live shows, and the crowd’s reaction really makes us feel it was a step in the right direction.”

Vicious Circles’ is about going round and around; the same excuses, same situations … always everyone else’s fault! We have all experienced people and situations like these!

Narcissist’ is about horrible selfish people. The situations and experiences we all deal with daily. Either we are narcissist, or victims to it.

Truth Decayed

Daniel Philogene (Drums), Ryno Theron (Vocals & Guitar), Renz Kruger (Bass) & Warren Jones (Guitar)

Truth Decayed hail from Durban, South Africa, and started during lockdown early 2020. The quartet combines the talents of seasoned musicians from varied bands craftily collected by founders and long-time friends Warren Jones and Ryno Theron.

Mere weeks from formation, the band unleashed their debut single ‘Modern Day Illusion’ that earned them a top position on France The Planet’s ‘Metal Madness Week Competition’ on BurgStudio. This was closely followed by winning the Battle of the Bands with ‘The Metal Lab UK’. Their debut EP ‘Modern Day Illusion’ and Music Video for ‘Opposing Direction’ soon followed and received critical acclaim from numerous renowned global media channels, with positive reviews in magazines like Metal Hammer.

During 2021 Truth Decayed proudly represented South Africa on the global stage on international Online Festivals like SUBGB Festival de Música (Colombia), Heresy Fest (Argentina), Caio Indica Fest (Brazil), Larva Fest (Peru), La Ley del Rock (Argentina & Italy), Music Entropia (Greece), as well as the World Of Metal Online Festival (Portugal) where they opened for icons Venom, Rotting Christ, Anvil and Iron Saviour. Truth Decayed also enjoyed frequent Radio play from notable stations like Wacken Radio, Heavy Radio, and their track ‘Opposing Direction’ featured on the Greece Compilation ‘In The Sign Of Chaos Vol 3’ and ‘PTSD’ on the US Compilation ‘Rage Against Cancer’ from Malevolence Records.

In 2022 Truth Decayed unleashed the first part of ‘Faded Visions’, with the singles ‘PTSD’, ‘Faded Visions’, and ‘Absolute War’ receiving critical acclaim. The Music Video for ‘Faded Visions’ had its premiere with HEAVY Magazine in Australia (and Truth Decayed also feature on the cover of the latest Magazine Edition). The full ‘Faded Visions I’ had its Exclusive Worldwide Premiere with Metal Injection. The release was supported with extensive shows in South Africa. After the success of ‘Faded Visions I’, the KZN-based quartet is primed and set to elevate things to a blistering next level in 2023 with ‘Faded Visions II’, starting with the new single ‘Death By Design’ (produced by Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia, who also produced ‘Faded Visions I’).


Truth Decayed - Faded Visions I
Truth Decayed - Modern Day Illusion