[Throwback Thursday] Vulvodynia VULVOCRANIA – SOCIETAL LOBOTOMISATION Review

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ARTIST: Vulvodynia and Acrania
ALBUM/ SONG NAME: Vulvocrania: Societal Lobotomisation
RELEASE DATE: 29 January 2021
COUNTRY: South Africa (Vulvodynia) Mexico (Acrania)
CITY: Johannesburg (Vulvodynia) Mexico City (Acrania)
GENRE: Slam Death Metal

 Vulvodynia:
o Vocals: Duncan Bentley
o Guitar: Luke Haarhof
o Guitar: Kris Xenopoulos
o Guitar: Lwandile Prusent
o Bass: Chris van der Walt
o Drums: Thomas Hughes
 Acrania:
o Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet: Luis Oropeza
o Lead Guitar: César Cortés
o Bass: Alberto Morales
o Drums: Johnny Chavez
o Percussions: Dani Monti
 Track List:
1. Guillotine Necktie
2. The Disconnect
3. Legions of the Unenlightened
4. Aborting Pestilence

Two of the most versatile and widely anticipated bands to have ever graced our planet
have teamed up to create a brutal, 4 track album that is going to blow you away! Are
you ready for Vulvodynia and Acrania’s lovechild that is Societal Lobotomisation?!
I really wasn’t ready, I should have sat down before listening to this one because DAMN!
I have always struggled to describe Vulvodynia to people but I may have finally found a
very long winded way to do it so buckle up folks – they’re like really crunchy salt and
vinegar chips – their lyrics are sometimes harsh and they make you sit back and think
about all the messed up crap there is going on in the world, much like you sit back and
ask yourself how you’re alive after you ate a whole party bag of salt and vinegar chips
and now they’ve cut open your mouth and it burns, but…
can’t help but listen to the brutality over and over again.

Teaming up with the powerhouse Acrania has proven to be one of the best split albums
I have ever come across, the heavy, slow, funky breakdowns coupled with epic pig
squeals and low gutturals really is a testament to the vocal range of vocalists Duncan and
Luis, what an absolutely wild album.

Looking at some personal highlights from the album I really need to give it to song
Legions of the Unenlightened – the pig squeals to come out of that song are absolutely
MIND BLOWING – I kept on having to rewind the beginning of the one specific part to
listen to it and take notes because I kept on losing my mind, standing on my couch kind
of s**t. So brutal!
Another banger that really resonated with me was Aborting Pestilence – this song
pretty much sums up how many people feel about C****19 and how it’s here to cleanse
the planet and I agree to an extent – I think it was mother nature telling us to sit down
as a species and realize what we are doing to our planet and our own people.
I could go in to every single song and write an entire book about it.

An absolutely splendid job done by our local boys teaming up with international icons
such as Acrania, thank you to both bands for gracing my eardrums with this album.


RATING: 10/10

REVIEWED BY: Claire Joanna Fuller