Truth Decayed ‘Faded Visions II’ Review

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South African Thrash Titans Truth Decayed unleash their anticipated second chapter of ‘Faded Visions’. Hailing from Durban, and formed back in 2020, the band is back with a balance of heavy riffs and melodic melodies that brings a classic feel to a modern era with palm muted chugs, harsh vocals, and blast pedals from the drums … yet with beautiful guitar leads that take me to an early era in metal. The further you go in the album the more I am reminded of a heavier trivium akin to their early years.

I was hooked right off at ‘Separate Reality’ midway into the song at 01:25 the guitars kick in with a Thrashy melody that both Thrashers and Metalcore fans can enjoy, with riffs I can only compare to Killswitch Engage. ‘Vicious Circles’ brings me back to a time in the early 2000s with chugging rhythm like those of As I lay Dying, before breaking back into a Thrashy tune. The song also features the guest vocals of Ebony Aberdein from the legendary ‘Theatre Runs Red’. The release ends with ‘Narcissist’ where you are greeted to the song with slamming chugs at the intro, then pulled into hammeron riffs as the lead kicks in. reminiscent to a band, I met a while ago in Hungary named Ektomorf. in the second half of the song, we are taken to a guitar solo before the song ends on its opening riff.

My final thought on Truth Decayed are positive. Produced by Kris Xenopoulos (from Vulvodynia), with a sound that feels very “big budget” and well mixed. The vocals are a little different, but they work very well for what the band is going for. ‘A Separate Reality’ definitely has that inner metalhead head banging with its guitar work. You can feel the riff in your veins almost. I’ll have that song playing in my head for days!

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