With Dawn – The Disowned

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Band: With Dawn
Country: South Africa
Song Title: The Disowned
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Atmospheric post-metal
Release Date: 7 November 2021
Band Members:
Vocals, Guitar – Kevin Rule
Bass and production – Mike Cubic

On the 7 th of November, With Dawn, the atmospheric post-metal duo from Cape Town, released their
latest single titled: The Disowned. For listeners unfamiliar with the band, think of Agalloch (for the
slower songs) and Harakiri for the Sky / modern Enslaved (for the up-tempo songs) and you’ll have a
broad idea of their sound.
Listen to the single on

http://YouTube: https://youtu.be/zXTrfBS83TA
This release marks their second single for 2021, after having released Driftwood: The Night, in March.

The aforementioned distinction made between slower, and the more up-tempo sound is aptly
demonstrated by these two releases, with Driftwood being the more up-tempo song and The Disowned
being of the slower variety.
Lyrically, the song reflects on the fallout following the recent events in South Africa, and this sets a very
somber tone for the song overall. The song starts out with intervals of single piano keys, gradually filling
up the silence with sound between the keystrokes until the song launches into an atmospheric metal
section. This works well to build up tension, but a small criticism here is that the silence in the transition
is a couple of seconds too long, which diminishes the effect of the eventual release when it occurs.
However, this timing issue doesn’t occur again, as the song switches between thick atmospheric metal
sections, and slower, more pensive moments until an abrupt, but fitting end. Clean vocals and growls
are well rationed throughout the song, however, based on this song and the band’s previous output, the
clean vocals are the biggest area where the band needs to improve.
Barring these nitpicks, I enjoyed the song overall, which in this context means I put my whiskey down
and starred into dead space as I had a quick existential crisis. The song closes with a question of hope,
and to prevent myself from getting too philosophical here, I’ll end this review by rephrasing the
question to: “I hope With Dawn releases more music soon”.

Rating – 6/10
Reviewed by Leon du Preez

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